Becoming a model at a young age is possible. In fact, most models working right now started out young. And here’s why doing so is important.

If you have ever searched for an article like How To Be Fashionable On A Student Budget, then you are probably interested in looking good. Moreover, you might have a lean body and have considered becoming a model.

Types and Standards of Modeling

Another aspect of modeling is that it isn’t simply about walking the catwalks. There are many different types of modeling and each of them has its own standards:

  • Fashion (Editorial) Model: These are the models that appear in high fashion magazines such as Vogue or Elle. These models are also usually the ones working with top fashion designers. This type of modeling is the most selective as you need to be tall and very slim.
  • Runway Model: These are the models walking the catwalks. Many fashion models work as runway models and vice versa. Similarly, runway modeling is also very selective – most models are over 5’9.
  • Commercial Model: These are the models advertising all kinds of products and appearing in commercials, catalogs, and campaigns. There are no restrictions on age, height, or size. Some other types of modeling that are considered commercial include swimsuit & lingerie modeling (mostly no restrictions, but preferably more curvaceous figures), fitness modeling (fit and toned bodies), and parts modeling (well-proportioned body parts like hands, arms, feet, and legs).
  • Petite Model: These are the models who are naturally smaller. Petite modeling has been on the rise fairly recently and can be considered a type of commercial modeling, but some petite models could probably become fashion models at one point.

Models Who Started Out Young

Many models working today are quite young or started out at a very young age. In fact, the median age of runway models in 2020 is 23 which has only increased by two years since 2014. In 2011, the Statista Research Department conducted research to find out at what age models start working in the fashion business. Almost 55% were 13-16 years old, 37% were 17-20 years old, and the rest were either under 13 or over 20 years of age.

Some of the most well-known young models today are usually the children of celebrities, but they are still a good indicator of how young most models start out:

  • Kaia Gerber, the daughter of the famous 1980s and 1990s supermodel Cindy Crawford, made her runway debut at 16 years old. Kaia is currently 19.
  • Lily-Rose Depp, the daughter of actor Johnny Depp and singer and model Vanessa Paradis. Lily-Rose was chosen to be the Chanel brand ambassador at the age of 15 and is currently 21.

There are also models who were spotted on the street or scouted and steadily developed their careers:

  • Barbara Palvin, Hungarian in origin, was discovered on the streets of Budapest at the age of 13 and is currently 27.
  • Chanel Iman, African-American and Korean in origin, started modeling at the age of 12 and is currently 29.

What the Fashion Industry Values

These numbers are not just numbers – they are a product of the fashion industry’s values. Most models are known for retiring (or being forced to retire) a few years before they reach thirty. Though there are notable exceptions, they only prove the general rule.

The fashion industry wants to see fresh and young faces. Obviously, the younger you are, the younger you will look. And similarly, the older you get, the older you will look.

How to Get Started

If you have decided to become a model at a young age or even as a student, you are in the right age range to start. Talk to your parents and decide which type of modeling you want to be pursuing. Then, research different modeling agencies and find the ones that work in the niche you have chosen. Try to sign with an agency and start landing your first gigs.

Modeling isn’t easy and definitely isn’t for everyone, but if you decided to become a model and you are still a teenager or are very young, you can have a great advantage. Consider all things necessary and start working on your career.

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