Air travel is polarizing. Some love the sense of adventure, others see airports as a drudge. Whatever your feelings, a few simple fashion choices can make the journey much more pleasurable.

  1. Layers

Layers are the most important clothing choice you can make on any flight, especially if you’re traveling long haul. Airports and planes are prone to dramatic temperature fluctuations. Start with a light t-shirt and then layer up with jackets and even hoodies. Choose clothes that are easy to remove even in the cramped space of a plane. This is even more important if you’re taking a connecting flight. There are plenty of ways to combat boredom during a long stopover, but if you’re feeling too cold or too warm the experience won’t be pleasant. Get a quilted t-shirt blanket to keep you warm for your flight click here on  how much will a t-shirt quilt cost.

  1. Compression socks

More a health concern than a fashion choice, compression socks keep the blood flowing in your lower legs, helping to decrease the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis. This is more of a risk on long-haul flights, but in truth it can affect anyone at any time. Regular socks or those that are too constrictive and can hinder blood flow, which in turn leads to clots. Compression socks come in all shapes and sizes, with some stylish options now available.

  1. Clothes with pockets

Passports, documents, flight tickets, even maps and snacks: there’s a lot to carry at the airport. Not all of this can or even should be stored in your carry-on luggage, which is where pockets come in handy. Choose a hoodie with zipped pockets (to deter potential pickpockets) or even cargo pants where appropriate. Whatever you choose, remember the golden rule of airport convenience: the deeper the pockets, the better.

  1. Long trousers

Amongst the long queues and congestion of airports, many people prefer the comfort and additional protection of long trousers. These shield you from contact with surfaces and germs, a big concern in densely populated places. Moreover, long trousers tend to be looser (therefore helping blood to flow) and usually come with more pockets.

  1. A scarf 

A fashionable scarf can make all the difference on a long flight. If the temperature in the cabin drops you’ll be grateful for the additional warmth, and particularly large scarfs can even be used as blankets. Depending on your flight times, scarves are a boon at the airport, too. If you’re arriving at a new location in the middle of the night it’s likely to be cold and you’ll be even more grateful for that extra layer.

  1. Slip-on shoes or sneakers

As with many of the other additions to this list, comfort is key. On a long-haul flight, you want to avoid restrictive or tight shoes, and that’s equally applicable for the trip to and from the airport. Instead, opt for the comfiest shoes you can find, which are usually slip-ons or sneakers. By all means, take a more stylish option with you, but pack them in your case and save them for the holiday, not the journey.