A lot of people think that packing a carry-on bag is already a no-brainer. They must’ve done it countless times before, which makes them think as if they’re already an expert on it and that they’re doing it the best and right way. While that may be true (in your opinion,) it still won’t hurt to continue learning and discovering new genius packing tips that you can definitely make use of in your succeeding trips. 

Whether it’s for leisure or business, it pays to know how to wisely pack so you can make your travels easier and more convenient than ever.

Why Travel With Carry On Bags

Ask any seasoned traveler for tips and they’ll surely mention packing lightly and avoid checking in your baggage as much as possible. Carry-on bags are perfect in that sense if you want to avoid the hassle of falling in line to check and wait for bags from the airport’s conveyor bin. Of course, there’s also the possibility of losing your stuff during the flight.

The term ‘carry-on’ refers to the bag’s feature to be easily carried during travels. It’s also referred to as carry-on luggage or hand luggage because you can conveniently carry it by hand, so you can bring it onboard the plane and stow it in the overhead bin or even under the seat ahead of yours.

Traveling with a cabin size hard shell suitcase by Eminent can be incredibly convenient as it offers many benefits, such as being lightweight and easy to transport while also providing you with the optimal organization. Hardshell cabin bags are also extremely durable and offer excellent protection for your belongings as they travel, helping your items remain safe during the flight. Even if traveling for an extended period of time, a cabin-size suitcase ensures that you won’t need to compromise on quality or comfort due to space limitations.

Carry-on-only flights are relatively more affordable than flights with baggage allowance, which is one of the reasons why flyers prefer to travel with a light bag, like the Voyager leather carry-on bag with wheels from Von Baer. 

“Voyager Leather Carry-on Bag from Von Baer “

How To Pack Your Carry On Bag

One of the first things that you need to check is the size of your bag. Make sure that it’s compact yet not too small nor too big for everything that you need to bring. At most, you’ll be traveling for a few days and you may have limited room for your stuff. Choosing a bag that’s larger than the regular cabin size might no longer qualify as hand carry. When that happens, you’ll be forced to check the bag. This defeats the purpose of going for a carry-on bag in the first place 

As you’ll be carrying or stowing away the bag as you go, keep in mind that larger isn’t always better. In this particular case, the smaller your bag is, the easier it’ll be to carry it. The key is to come up with genius ways to pack your stuff in a way that they’ll fit perfectly inside the bag without having to leave anything essential behind.

So, without further ado, here are several tips that you could try to wisely pack your carry-on bag:

Consider The Purpose Of Your Trip Not The Length

One of the most common mistakes that travelers make when packing for their trip is counting the days they’ll be out of town instead of considering the reason behind it. While it’s not wrong to consider how long you’ll be staying at your destination, it’s not really an accurate way of determining the kinds and number of clothes that you need to bring. 

For example, if you’re going to a business conference for three days, you need to consider how many times per day you’ll need to meet with clients and colleagues. If you’ll have a business lunch and a formal dinner in a day, that means packing at least two outfits for that day alone. 

With a strategy like this, it’ll be easier to figure out how many sets of clothing should be included when you pack. Make sure to fold them neatly so they won’t wrinkle while packed inside the bag. 

Go For Sample-Sized Toiletries

If you’re not comfortable using complimentary toiletries from hotels, you can always bring your own. To save space, go for sample-sized containers for your shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and mouthwash. 

Foldable toothbrushes are also smaller in size and can be packed together with the rest of your toiletries. What you can do is put them all inside a Ziploc bag or a plastic and tightly sealed container.

Master The Art Of Folding And Rolling Clothes

A genius packer can very well fit at least 10 different outfits in a carry-on bag and still have enough room for shoes and accessories. The secret is knowing how to fold and roll clothes so they can all fit inside the luggage. Bottoms are better off rolled, while tops can be folded. When possible, choose clothes that have lighter and thinner fabric to have more space for other stuff.

Make sure the rolled ones are tightly done, just like wrapping burritos. Start with the bulkiest and heaviest items, and place them at the bottom of your suitcase. Lighter ones can fit between spaces or just right at the topmost part of your luggage. A strategically-packed luggage can significantly affect how you carry the bag, while also helping you travel more comfortably.

Don’t Forget Your Tech Essentials

Aside from clothes and toiletries, another travel essential that you shouldn’t forget is your tech accessories and gadgets. For instance, if the purpose of your travel is for business, you’ll most likely need to bring your laptop. You can bring a separate bag for it or you can also choose a carry-on bag that has a compartment for a computer, which is usually at the backside. 

Accessories that you shouldn’t forget to bring are chargers, USB cables, power banks, and extra batteries if needed. Additionally, decide if you’ll be bringing papers and documents or if you’ll be going digital for your data and files.

Know What Items Aren’t Allowed

You don’t want to be hassled with forbidden or restricted items in your luggage. Know what’s allowed and what’s not by checking with your airline. There are liquid items that you can’t put on carry-on bags, especially those that are in full-sized bottles. Be sure to double-check such information so you won’t experience any inconvenience before boarding your flight.

If you prefer a lightweight and convenient trip, traveling with a carry-on bag is a great idea. While the luggage space you have may be limited, you can still find ways to pack your stuff cleverly so you can fit them all in. If you want to be a genius traveler who prioritizes flexibility and ease when going on a trip, you can use the tips mentioned above.