Child modeling is a great career starter for kids who want to go into the profession. It can also help them gain skills such as confidence and learn about other aspects of the industry, such as photography. From headshots to finding work, here is what you need to know as a parent.

A Healthy Appearance is Everything

Modeling agencies for children will typically look for kids who look healthy, youthful, and full of vitality. This is because they need to know if any kids in their books are being looked after. But also because some of the material for children is often full of energy, such as jumping, laughing, and playing. So, your kids must be well-groomed, healthy, and cared for. Dental insurance for kids, regular health checks, and a balanced, nutritious diet are highly recommended.

You Need a Few Shots for Agencies

Sending out photos to agencies can feel like a massive chore, but there are a few ways you can get your kids noticed faster. Everyone sends a headshot. But a recruiter cannot get all they need from a generic front-facing photograph. A good method is to send a few images so they can form an opinion about what they need. A smiling headshot and serious headshot, a full body shot in fashionable clothing, and a couple of shots with different hairstyles work well.

There are Three Types of Child Modeling

There isn’t a generic type of modeling, and this is true for adults and children. There are three main types of modeling you need to be aware of when looking for jobs, and these are:

  • Commercial prints that are used for magazines and catalogs.
  • TV modeling for commercials and other types of video.
  • Editorial modeling is typically used for fashion and art shoots.

It can be a massive help to try to find work for all three of these to round out your child’s portfolio. A larger portfolio means more experience and a clear picture of any agency.

Age Category is Selected by Size

Your children may be of certain ages when you apply for gigs. However, child models are not generally selected based on their age and then placed into an age category. They are often selected by their size for placement in an age category. This makes sense since not all kids grow at the same rate. So you must be aware that younger kids may be asked to wear older clothing. Of course, you have the final say and the right to refuse a job if you aren’t comfortable.

Work is Hard to Find Due to Competition

It’s no secret that modeling, in general, is extremely competitive, and it’s no different for kids than it is for adults. Agencies receive thousands of images per week to pour over, and they have limited time. Your kids need to pop out and wow them, and this is hard to do. However, with the points mentioned above, your kids will have a better chance of landing a gig. Try to teach your kids that this is part of the job so they expect it and aren’t disappointed when they aren’t picked.


The appearance of your kids is vital when getting into child modeling. It will also help to round a portfolio with the three types of modeling. And understand that rejection is part of the process.

What Parents Need to Know About Child Modeling