By Gabby Neal

In an age where the average women is spoilt for choice with more outfits than clothes hangers, it’s important to remember that what you wear under is just as important as what you wear over.

Inspired by our latest collaboration with Maiden Form Australia, it really got me thinking about what kind of bra’s we should be wearing…considering the most part of the last two years has been dominated by bralette’s and crop tops (ahem..for those lucky enough to have lemons as opposed to watermelons that is), it’s surprising (shocking for some) to learn that there are a SO many more styles out there. Some, I’m sure most of you didn’t even know existed.

From plunge and push-up bra’s, mastectomy and maternity bra’s – I’ve done the research and given you a quick run down on which bra to wear when.

The Basic T-shirt.

When you’re wearing a t-shirt your main concern is comfort and practicality. So generally speaking this tends to be the stock standard old faithful at the bottom of the drawer. Depending on your size, this could be anything from a sports bra, bralette or push up bra. Most women however opt for either the standard full cup or seamless soft/demi cup. The full cups completely cover the breasts so are a great support for bigger sizes and the demi-cups usually have straps a little wider apart so you can wear any variation of a neckline.

The Funky Backless Number

No longer reserved for the itty bitty committee, backless dresses and designs are a great way to make a statement for women of all size! Sometimes you can be lucky and get away with wearing a basic bra but most of the time you’ve got to get creative.

First and foremost, nipple stickers and adhesive cups are best for these outfits. But if you tend to hang a little low, you can go for the convertible bra (no, not car, bra) with a low back option. These let you change the straps and usually hook around your stomach.

Alternatively, strapless bra’s and those with adjustable straps are fine – depending on how low and quirky the design is.

Spagehtti Straps and off the shoulder

You absolutely can wear a normal bra under these, however if you’re looking for clean lines don’t want any straps hanging around the place, opt for a bandeau or strapless bra.

Alternatively, the strapless bodysuit is a great way to hold shape if you’re working with a tighter outfit. Will help hold you in in all the right places too!

The Sexy Plunge

You’re either out on the town and not afraid to get the girls out or you honestly just happen to be wearing a nice little top that happens to have a v-neck plunge.. either way you’re going out and you’re showing a bit of skin!

Now when deciding what bra, you’ve got a few options.

The first, Hollywood tape – alternatively if you’re like Kim Kardashian, you can substitute duck tape if needed. Here you pretty much stick your boobs to the outfit from the inside.

In saying that, it’s usually the U plunge bra or bodysuit which is used for a more comfortable and seamless approach. With boning on the sides for a bit of added support it holds you in from the ribcage, meaning your waist will show off in all the right places underneath a tawght little number.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding’

This is 100% up the individual and you don’t have to wear them, but the maternity bra’s are specifically designed to help you with comfort and practicality during this time, so most women do. The benefit of wearing this style is that they’re built to give you maximum comfort and support as your boobs swell; including soft cups, no underwire and thicker straps with the option whilst breastfeeding to unclip the cups. The best part is there are plenty of options for comfortable maternity underwear that are also fashionable, if you want to feel a little sexy sally over plane jane.

Now this is a rough guide and we’ve only covered a few scenario’s so it’s 100% case dependant. Not everyone’s boobs are made the same so it’s important to get your chest professionally measured so at the very least, you’re wearing the right size whatever the style!