By Jessica Sepel

As a nutritionist I know the power of a good, healthy breakfast! I always make sure to start my day with a protein rich and delicious brekkie. A nourishing breakfast plays a huge role in keeping blood sugar levels balanced all day which means; stable energy, good mood and weight balance. By starting your day with a breakfast you will help your body stabilise your blood sugars. This will help you to make healthier choices throughout the day and keep cravings low.

1. Having a protein rich breakfast is essential for a energetic and focused day. Most people are eating toast with jam or cereal….a blood sugar disaster and bound to cause energetic slumps throughout the day, hello brain-fog! A protein rich brekkie will keep you full and energised, without the highs and lows and will help you to stay alert and focused through the day.

Some of my favourite breakfast are:

– Eggs, avocado & greens on a seeded gluten free loaf

– JSHealth Power Protein smoothie

– Greek yoghurt with berries, nuts and seeds

2. I personally feel so energised, satiated and ready to take on my day when I eat a good, nourishing breakfast. Skipping brekky leaves me feeling tired, irritable and depleted. I crave sugar and carbs all day. Having a good breakfast has me feeling on top of the world and ready to take on what the day throws at me.

3.  I believe not eating breakfast can have an impact on your thyroid (metabolism). Skipping meals can put your body in a stress response which triggers the release of cortisol which can make losing weight very hard. I also believe skipping meals causes us to overeat at our next meals.

4. Having Breakfast is a great way to add more variety of nutrients into your day. You can load up on anti-oxidant rich foods like berries, or gut friendly yoghurt, or fill your plate with body loving greens. Skipping this opportunity to nourish yourself means you’ll have less chance of getting enough vitamins, minerals and nutrients in your day (and makes it more likely you’ll choose less nutrient dense foods for lunch, snacks and dinner!).

So basically, breakfast will make you feel GOOD!