The wellness trend gathered pace in the pandemic times, and it is here to stay even as the virus is no longer a threat. Industries like travel and hospitality were the first ones to embrace it, and spas were close behind. Wellness spas are popular as everyone wants to get a fair share of self-care. Leading spa centers cater to it in various forms to keep pace with the trends and client expectations. As a wellness enthusiast, you can explore the latest treatments and therapies on offer. Here are the wellness spa trends worth trying in 2022 and beyond.

Try an immunity-boosting treatment

Although the virus is under control, the fear of another pandemic will always be there. But you can overcome it by strengthening your immunity as much as possible. Fortunately, immunity-boosting treatments and products are available in many centers. Consider options like acupuncture, massage, aromatherapy, saunas, and contrast therapy, as they stimulate circulation and boost immunity.

Explore forest bathing

Forest bathing is a Japanese therapy that is now gaining traction in the Western world. It offers an immersive experience in forest settings to shift focus toward meditation in green surroundings. The spa trend boosts mood and enhances energy through positive experiences. Besides the wellness benefits, forest bathing promotes greater environmental awareness.

Relax with cannabis

Cannabis has emerged as a self-care game-changer after its legalization in Canada. You can easily buy edibles online canada, and indulge in them to experience deep relaxation. Other options include vapes, tinctures, topicals, and bath and body products. Wellness spas also have cannabis treatments on offer. Therapists use topical products for the massage, bath and body essentials for relaxing soaks, and snacks and drinks for mental relaxation. Since cannabis is validated by research, you should not have second thoughts about it.

Check cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is among the trending activities, but it is definitely different from the others on the list. It exposes your body to extremely low temperatures, up to -110 Celsius. The good thing is that a session takes only a few minutes and delivers excellent results. The therapy claims to reduce pain, inflammation, and depression, and many users validate the benefits with real-life experiences. 

Cleanse with a digital detox

A wellness escape to a far-off spa destination where you can get a complete digital cleanse is a great idea. After all, the overuse of digital devices was a norm amid the pandemic, and it continues in the new normal. Leave your devices at home, and switch off your cell phone, limiting use only to a couple of hours during the day. You can indulge in meditation, yoga, and holistic therapies to clear the toxic load in your mind during your off-device time. You will feel light and fresh after detox.

Wellness spa treatments are going nowhere as self-care is a priority for everyone. Consider embracing one or more of these therapies to go the extra mile with your physical health, mental well-being, and spiritual healing. These therapeutic options cover you on all fronts, so they are worth trying.