Generosity and affection/love on your part should be one of the aims of offering a gift to your spouse. But a gift should be more than just these. It also needs to leave your spouse surprised. This is why you should think well about gifts that your spouse will consider surprising.

Do you need ideas in this regard? Then keep reading as we have compiled 7 unique gift ideas to surprise your spouse.

Sex Toys

Spiced-up sex life should be more than just what you both can offer each other. We are not talking about infidelity but self-pleasure here. And mind you, this does not undermine how much you would appreciate each other’s bodies.

So, sex toys such as dildos will come in very handy as a surprising gift for your spouse. You can see to gather more information.

A Picture of Your Spouse Printed/Crested on a Clothing Item

We have seen spouses react surprisingly to this sort of gift. The idea is to have a picture of your spouse imprinted/crested on a clothing item. It could be a T-shirt, towel, bedspread, and a lot more. You can also choose to have it on more than one piece of clothing.

Fill up the Gas of Your Partner’s Vehicle Unannounced

A gift does not have to be an extravagant item or event. It can also be those little things that are done with a lot of sparks. This is why gift ideas like this will do the trick.

You can fill up the gas tank of your partner’s vehicle and leave a note. The note should be well-constructed and attached to the steering wheel. The note can read something like “This one time, I have chosen to fill your gas tank up just as you fill me up with the right energy. I love you baby”.

Meet Your Spouse’s Employers to Give Your Spouse a Day off

To be quite fair, the possibility of this happening is not a certainty in most cases. But it would be a great gift idea if you can pull it off. The idea is to have your spouse’s employer give your spouse a day off.

The note will be handed over to your spouse by the employer when your spouse resumes the day’s work. The note will go on to read where to meet you for an exciting time together as you would be waiting there.

A Lovely Birthday Cake Even When It’s Not Your Spouse’s Birthday

The general rule is to offer birthday cakes on people’s birthdays. But a unique and lovely gift idea would be to do this even when it is not your spouse’s birthday. You should then add a note that reads something like “I know it is not your birthday, but every day I choose to celebrate your birth because I would not trade you for anything in the world”.

Give Your Spouse a Massage Treatment

You could as well take your spouse for a massage session. But it would be very unique and lovely if you can do this yourself. So, spend some quality time learning what you should and getting what you should for this purpose. It is not as hard as you might think as there are many online resources to help you in this regard.

Relieve Your Partner of the Hard Chores

Imagine your spouse always has to cook the meals even after coming back stressed out from work. Your gift can be coming back way ahead of time and cooking a lovely meal. Leave a note or say something like “I see all the effort you put into making us comfortable and I love and appreciate you for it. Thank you for always (name of recipient)”.