There are many proactive people out there that make this activity a year-long endeavor by making notes to remind them of things their friends said they needed during the year. On the other hand, those of us that deal with these kinds of things at the last minute, often need a little push to find the best Christmas gifts for each of our loved ones.

To help you with this year’s gift-shopping, we prepared this short guide that should give you a few ideas and make your run for presents much easier.

Support small family business

Since the start of the lockdown, many business owners had to close their doors for visitors, and even more of them had to invest in equipment or reduce their capacities due to social distancing measures. For large corporate brands, these new circumstances are just a minor nuisance, however, startups and small business operations are struggling to survive under this new regime. 

Therefore, it is our firm belief that by helping family-run businesses by purchasing presents for those you care about the most, you’re doing even more good than it seems. Apart from bringing joy to your friends by getting them a unique present that can’t be bought at any mall you walk into; you’re also helping a family business survive through these challenging times. Large corporate brands don’t feel the weight of the crisis in the same way as a small local store. Make each gift you buy worth twice as much by shopping in your local store.

Buy gifts that promote social awareness

We hear about certain brands that run sweatshops, use child labor, or test their products on animals. Keep in mind that buying a gift is not at all about getting the most expensive or the most popular option on the table, it’s also important to know what it took for that product to get to the shelves as well as what happens with the money you give to the store.  A personalized gift like a custom facemask is also an excellent choice. You can customize the it’s design and send your messages through a custom facemask.

Therefore, for this year’s holiday shopping tour, seek out those stores that promote ethical business practices, or donate a part of their revenue to a humanitarian cause. This way you’re giving away more than one gift and the person that receives your token of affection will be even more glad knowing that their gift is promoting a positive effort.

Consider other people’s needs

Have a one-person brainstorming session to come up with the perfect gift list for those you care about. Write down what each of your Christmas card recipients is interested in, note some important milestones, and try to remember if any of them told you what they would like to get for themselves this year. This will help you establish a search direction for holiday presents.

The last thing you want to go on a random shopping spree and get a bunch of things that cost a lot of money but don’t have a practical value.

Think outside the season

It’s common to see people buying gifts that are closely related to the holiday season, which makes it difficult to surprise anyone on boxing day. There’s nothing wrong with shopping from a beautiful Christmas collection. However, you could think beyond the current period and get something that will be useful in the Summer or, even better, throughout the year.

If you know your friend is enjoying the summer at sea, get him or her a beautiful swimsuit. People usually expect winter clothing, gloves, or some other holiday-oriented gifts so make your gift stand out. Moreover, when the beach season kicks in, your loved ones will be super excited when they finally get the chance to break out the VODA swimsuit you gave them for Christmas. 

A gift from the heart trumps any gift from the store

Nowadays, we can order anything online, and send out our holiday gifts in the most unusual ways, however, these express solutions can’t convey our love and affection properly. Our time is our most valuable resource, and nothing says how much we care about someone as the time we dedicate to those people.

If you’re not feeling comfortable about making a gift on your own, you can always get help online by watching a how-to video. Even if your gift doesn’t turn out the way you hoped, it will still reflect the love and effort you placed in making it.

We wanted to make a gift guide that will help you come up with new ideas and think outside the box rather than just listing out what we think would be a good buy. Keep in mind that your budget is not the most deciding factor when it comes to giving away presents, it’s the depth of your heart and the intention behind every gift.

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