Perhaps you have the annoying forehead wrinkles that appear every time you raise your eyebrows. When the frontalis muscle on your forehead contracts significantly, you are bound to get the forehead wrinkles. Together with facial lines, they may tend to give you an older look than your age. Therefore, it is natural to desire a smoother forehead, free from wrinkles and lines. The tips below give you practical and effective ways through which you can achieve your dream.


When you think of antioxidants, it applies in two significant ways. Ideally, when you want to get rid of your forehead lines, you should integrate a healthy diet of antioxidant-rich foods like fruits with citric contents like oranges. On the other hand, you can also use antioxidant skin cream to apply directly to your face. You will notice a significant improvement in the reduction of your forehead lines. The antioxidants penetrate your skin to offer protection against the continuing development of forehead lines, giving it younger and smoother skin 

Facial Exercises 

Another fantastic technique to try in eliminating forehead lines is the integration of facial exercises. You can breathe a sigh of relief if you have difficulty keeping up with a workout session. You can implement the particular practices by exerting pressure on your forehead as you stretch the skin towards the outside. Ensure you do it regularly for several days throughout the week. 

Integrating the steps above will give you the power to regain your skin’s elasticity. Additionally, you can get rid of forehead wrinkles fast with these easy steps and keep them away for good. You can also get a Botox injection, which offers more permanency in seeing your results. 

Plus, an un-wrinkling serum would be great too. 


Another effective technique in eliminating forehead lines is frequent exfoliation. The skin, just like other body parts, has a cycle of life. Therefore, old cells will die to pave the way for the newer skin cells. As a result, with the un-proportioned settlement, the dead cells may accumulate in more areas than others leaving you with a rough and wrinkly forehead. Thanks to exfoliation, you can remove the top dead skin layer on your face to give rise to younger and more subtle skin. 

Remember to Hydrate

When you skip taking enough water, your body will react. However, with proper water intake, your body organs will function effectively without straining. Remember, your skin forms the largest part of organ composition in your body. Low water consumption will affect your body function, and different parts won’t perform to the optimum. 

However, drinking water will ensure you remain hydrated in all avenues; it will help reduce forehead wrinkle formation. When you have dry skin, it will make your forehead wrinkles appear more pronounced and visible even when you’re not making facial expressions. 

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Cut off Smoking and Alcohol 

It is also advisable to eliminate the excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking. When you smoke, the nicotine content will interfere with your skin’s elasticity, which will result in more forehead wrinkles. It works by inhibiting the production of collagen and even elastin, which promote the firmness and youthfulness of your skin. When your skin is no longer tight like before, forehead wrinkles are prone to develop. 

By following the tips above, you will gradually notice the forehead wrinkles disappearing to leave behind firmer and smoother skin. If nothing else, incorporating healthy habits into your lifestyle isn’t only cosmetic. It helps you boost your overall health, too.

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