Before you get to the stage of Bridezilla, just take a deep breath! Yes, it is not uncommon to freak out, and no matter how many color choices you peruse through, there will always be something lacking from your Fall wedding.

If you are tired of searching and just want to reach a conclusion, you have reached the right place. In this excerpt below, we will be discussing the best color and dress idea for your bridesmaid.

Since too many options are confusing you, we wouldn’t be giving you ‘too many. We have filtered down to give options for each, and it is time for you to seal the deal.

Colors For The Season

So, now that we are fully fledged discussing colors and patterns let’s start with the colors which should be adorning your wedding venue. No wedding theme is complete without the beautiful bridesmaid matching the theme to the ‘t.’ 

Now, you can be traditional and choose the obvious colors for the cozy season, but you can contrast the seasonal colors and still match them. Here is your palette to choose from; pick your favorite from ChicSew UK.

1. Emerald Green

Yes, this is more of a winter color but the innate loyalty in it reminds us of Dracula’s castle or the Malfoy Manor. Two aesthetics that are perfect to ornament the Fall season. If you are a fan of the season and want to add some real aesthetic to it, why not pick this color?

This color can also accentuate any overcoat if the weather gets a little chilly, and is perfect for an evening wedding. The color looks phenomenal under the decor of soft lights and fairy bulbs. Just go for it!

2. Wine Or Garnet

Tired of seeing red? Yet want the signature blends of fall colors like burnt orange and plum? Red with a touch of purple and wine. It’s welcoming the witchy season! Again a great pick for an evening wedding, but it will also look good in the morning. Especially if you have picked the perfect countryside fall destination with all the maple.

So, pick this color, and you can expect stunning pictures in the fall backdrop.

3. Sage Green

This is your chance to move outside the box. Do not pick a traditional dark color that accentuates fall, and look into something bigger. Yes, your fall decor wedding venue will never be ornamented with this pastel shade, but just imagine this pastel shade contrasting with your warm-tone fall decoration.

If you live closer to the tropic but still cannot say no to the autumn aesthetic, then this is a perfect color to repel the hot sun and give a fall effect. If you are into the aesthetic of cottagecore, you should know how closely they are related to the fall season. As you may know, sage green is one of the prominent colors of the cottagcore autumn genre.

4. Black

Fall is incomplete without black. It takes a real witch to stray from the warm tones to choose black as a bridesmaid color. No, there is no bad omen with color, and insulting the color is an insult to fashion.

Because nothing would be the new black, so bring out the inner witch, decorate your venue with a little spook, give your bridesmaid a pair of mermaid dresses and plan your perfect October wedding.

5. Granite Blue

This is a new pick for the fall collection in the fashion industry. This is a pastel shade of blue, and most would call it dull. But, if you pick the right dress, your bridesmaid will look flattering beside you.

Not the overshadowing kind, but the complimenting kind. Plus, this color looks phenomenal with any shade of white. 

Ideas & Styles

Let’s take one task at a time, and you wouldn’t have to worry about any bridezilla moments. These are some of the trendiest and most flattering styles for rocking a wedding this Fall season.

1. Sequins Are In Style

Sequins look tacky!

Yes, many fashion-impaired people would say that. But, if it’s a night wedding and you wish to up the glamor game, sequins are the choice for you. In order to make it look tasteful, it cannot be short.

This is not 2012!

Pick a beautiful floor-length one, the kind that tails behind them, and you will have queens beside you.

2. Satin With A Slit

There is nothing wrong with a little revelation, especially when sexy and elegance are not added in the form of just a slit.

Now the satin. If the sexy flair is added to the skit, the smooth feel of satin will add luxury and elegance.

3. Strapless With A Twist

Starless bridesmaid dresses are not uncommon, but what will always make it the talk of the crowd is definitely the pattern.

Elegant oversized pleats around the chest will not only make your bridesmaid fall-ready but Met Gala-ready.

4. Pleats Mermaid

Adding two statements in one dress!

Is it a good idea?

Yes, if you pick the one adhering to the golden ratio. If you are having too much trouble understanding the concept, simply go to ChicSew, and start typing any design.

5. Off-Shoulder Floor Length

Off the shoulder is the new trend, which is supposed to take attention from any other area and fixate it on a pair of very flattering and blindingly highlighted collarbones.

The idea didn’t sound very fashion friendly at first, but once the catalogs came in, it is now a perfect pick for any wedding season. Bridesmaids are also seen ornamenting mesh stoles on top of the off-shoulder showcase. 

Pick Your Perfect Pose!

Yes, now that you have your bridesmaid dress and style already, there is one thing left. Scour through Pinterest and pick the perfect pose for you and your glass to cherish forever.

A wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion, and you picked the season of giving thanks to embarking upon this beautiful journey. Add some witnesses in the cauldron, brew some bold Fall makeup, and you will have the option of the best Fall wedding.