A marriage proposal is perhaps the most challenging part of a relationship. You love each other, but there’s always a shadow of a doubt when it comes to popping the question to your lady. However, sincere feelings and the right timing can get you a favorable outcome. Most importantly, an impressive engagement ring can do the trick. Not surprisingly, men go the extra mile to find a perfect one to seal the deal. But it is easier said than done unless you are a jewelry pro. Here are some simple tips to find  engagement rings for women that get a yes to your big question.

Set a budget

Before looking for a perfect pick, check your budget because you can buy only what you afford. The good thing is that you can get plenty of options in all budgets. You only need to swap the metal to get a less expensive version of a celebrity ring your lady loves. Count your savings and set a limit on your spending to guide you while shopping. It will surely be less stressful when you how much you can comfortably spend.

Consider her taste

Your woman’s taste can be the best guide when choosing a perfect engagement ring for her. You can get subtle cues from her dressing style and the jewelry she wears regularly. She will expect a big and flashy diamond if he loves luxury dressing. Conversely, a sleek diamond band is good enough to get a yes from a woman who dresses classy and simple. You may ask her about her preferences during usual conversations.

Go custom

Nothing will impress a woman more than a personalized piece because it shows the effort invested in choosing it. You can find designers who create exclusive custom engagement rings online. But remember to dig deep into their portfolio before going ahead with the job. Also, learn the nitty-gritty of jewelry shopping, such as the 4Cs of diamonds, options in base metals, gemstone options, and ring settings.

Get the right size

This is perhaps the trickiest part of the project when you plan to surprise your lady with a proposal. The wrong size means she will not wear the ring right away, so she gets time to give second thoughts to the proposal. You may have to work hard to sneak a ring she owns because guesswork won’t help. Alternatively, her friend or sister can help you by sharing her ring size.

Seek help from a pro

Buying an engagement ring is not easy for a novice. You may go wrong with several things, from the diamond quality to gold pricing, settings, size, and price. Seeking help from a pro can save you from the challenges of jewelry buying as a beginner. Do not hesitate to take a friend along, as their guidance can make ring shopping a breeze. Also, choose a reliable jeweler to shop without stress.

A perfect engagement ring can surely get you a yes, but finding it can be challenging. Follow these tips to get one without struggling a lot.