Winter is almost over, which means that oversized puffy jackets and heavy coats will soon take a backseat in your wardrobe to make space for lighter and more elegant pieces of clothing that are usually worn in spring. Aside from that, spring season symbolizes waking up from deep winter slumber to new beginnings that are often marked by buying new clothes and making exciting new plans. However, the transeasonal dressing period between winter and spring can be challenging for some, due to frequent weather changes, so here are some tips that will help you look your best during that period.

1. When In doubt, Layer Up

It might still be too cold to wear a tee and a light blazer, and opting for your standard winter coat can make you feel hot in an instant, so the solution is to layer up. Opting for a blouse, a blazer, and a light jacket will keep you warm enough while also making you look stylish and unique. Additionally, you can also wear a cardigan underneath your blazer, especially if you’re aiming to look elegant and sporty at the same time. Layering up is also convenient for unpredictable weather because you can always remove one layer and put it in your bag if it gets too warm while you’re outside.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Add Bold Colors

Spring is time for cute and bold colors but during the transition period, you should be able to keep a fine balance between monochromatic and colorful look. For example, wearing an all-black outfit with a patterned and colorful scarf will add an aura of charm and stylishness without being too in-your-face. Additionally, you can opt for red sunglasses, green shoes or a statement belt as these are likely to bring some spark to your outfit, which is the right thing you need to get ready for spring.

3. Introduce Accessories, but Don’t Go Overboard

Wearing cute and elegant accessories is a perfect way to show that winter is almost over, but in that case, it’s essential to make everything look proportional. If the weather gets warmer, then it means that it’s definitely time to put away heavy winter scarves and gloves and introduce some beautiful jewelry pieces such as diamond rings and pendant necklaces. If you’re looking to add some new stuff to your jewelry box, but don’t know where to start looking, then you could try here, as chances are you’ll find something that will complement your style and bring more self-confidence to your appearance. Just remember to keep it subtle and elegant, because wearing too many accessories at once can create a totally opposite effect.

4. Browse Thrift Stores to Find the Best Clothes

Sometimes, the perfect piece of clothing isn’t in a high-end store, so don’t feel frustrated if you can’t afford expensive items that you spot while window-shopping. Thrift stores can be a great place to find unique and vintage items that will make you stand out from the crowd in the best way possible. But, remember that shopping at second-hand shops and flea markets requires patience and persistence, so there’s no need to feel annoyed if you can’t find your perfect denim jacket or a cardigan from the first moment you go there. Be sure to browse diligently, and when you least hope, you’ll spot something that will look perfect on you.

Choosing the clothes for the winter-to-spring transeasonal period can be tricky, but if you know your style and preferences, you’ll be able to find amazing clothes that suit your personality and your needs. Nevertheless, it’s essential to never satisfy your personal comfort for the sake of fashion but to find the fine line between these two, as that is the sure way to look great and feel happy in your own body.