Pantone kicked off the year with their announcement of Living Coral as the Color of the Year — a strong, warm choice that suggests life, renewed hope, and optimism.

You can expect it to pop up everywhere, from the hottest runways to the most popular home décor magazines. It certainly looks great on anyone and can brighten up any room, but it isn’t the only hot color sweeping the fashion world this year. The standard pastels of 2018 are taking a rest as more vibrant colors go up to bat. Here’s what in store for the months to come.

Sunny yellow

Colors this year are buoyant, animated, and lively. They speak volumes without being boisterous or loud. Expect a dazzling array of pale yellows, citrus tones, and other sunshine-drenched hues.

Pale yellow remains the one pastel that has managed to survive the shift away from Easter tones. There’s something about it that is a bit more toned down without being too sweet. On the contrary, golden yellow is blazing up the streets in all its glory as the color for spring 2019. It’s a happy color that doesn’t apologize for its love affair with warm weather.

Bright red and burnt orange

Cherry red and burnt orange are also taking the stage in 2019. Burnt orange is the in-between color that can warm up your dark winter tones or make you stand out like the ray of sunshine that you are. A bright orange chunky knit sweater has all the personality you need to feel cozy and colorful on even the darkest winter days. Cherry red on any clothing piece is a definite attention-getter, giving women’s dresses an absolutely stunning, unmissable look.

Soft blue… and military undertones

Powder blue made an appearance on the runway thanks to Louis Vuitton. This color is soft and feminine without being too girly. It’s the perfect color for dresses and blazers, so expect to see this dreamy shade popping up in the office.

Egyptian blue is the boldest of the 2019 cool colors. Will it rival tones like burnt orange and golden yellow, or will they be seen working together in a unique ensemble? This color has a military feel. Wear it as a power suit and take over the world.

Greens, both bold and muted

Greens seem to be sweeping the scene in 2019. Sage, olive, and lime green are all hot this year, and so is bold green. This shade is ultra-saturated and works wonders on statement pieces. Wear it as a fancy overcoat, a pair of heels, or on sunglasses and watch the compliments roll in.

Sage green qualified as a pastel this year as it took to the runways. This muted color looks great on its own but can also serve as a base tone for more vibrant hues. On the contrary, deep olive green will also be popular. This moody color just might be the black of 2019.

Back on the citrus side, lime green is popular in 2019. It takes a brave person to sport this color full on (Kim Kardashian owned it last year, as you might recall), but bright accents of this hue will be the way it makes its reappearance. This color will make anyone wearing it the instant star of the show.

Caramel and chocolate

Caramel lies dormant this year as chocolate brown takes the reigns as the official brown tone. It seems that many of the colors this year are very dark or very light, making for an interesting paradox. Chocolate brown is the champion of toned-down looks.