By Torne Velk

I was introduced to a camera at the age of 15, which was bought for my brother, which later got handed down to me. From the age of 15 I always wanted to start a career so I could be really good at something at a young age and to have my life in order and to excel in a career path. I immediately had a passion for capturing moments and memories always telling my friends there’s nothing more beautiful than freezing a moment in time and keeping it for life. From there I started taking photos of some friends, then involving local designers then involving hair and make up artists.

My biggest inspirations are local and international. Will Davidson is incredible for his lighting, quality and composition and Lara Jade for her fantasy aspect and skill for creating a story.



My strongest point is being able to show a models character through my images and able to always get an edgy feel out of my shoots. My style has and will never be sexual naked shoots. I prefer to get the idea of sex out in the models emotion and posing. I have been told I always had a unique style to everyone with regards to my composition, colours and pose and am wanting to find my own old style again.

Photography and editing is slowly going back to basics with regards to Photoshopping the models and my style of keeping my shoots very edgy and keeping the models who they actually are. I don’t agree with making eyes bigger and noses smaller and hips smaller. Might as well use a mannequin then. The point of each model is their own unique look. Not to start making them all look the same.. No one is perfect and I am in love with what society calls “imperfections”. To be honest when i started i would love to remove all imperfections (Moles, beauty spots, scars), but now I actually leave most in because we are all our own art and to remove it is to agree with society’s image of perfection. I have started a small project called BACK TO BASICS and the male models have none or minimal editing. There’s nothing more beautiful than a model with a scar, or mark or beauty spot as it makes them all unique individuals. Why try make everyone looks the same.

I am still trying to find out what my style is exactly so I constantly see my style broaden and then become more specific. I am now 20 years old and cant wait to take my photography to Germany. Israel, Miami and America. I have really found what I am obsessed with in life, I go to sleep thinking about it and wake up thinking about it.



Website: Torne Velk

Instagram: @torne.velkphotography