Its the Age-Old question – do you apply concealer or foundation first?

“If you spend time concealing blemishes or uneven skin tone, you don’t want to wipe all of that away with your foundation.”

Thompson, who has worked on the faces of Jessica Gomes and Jennifer Hawkins as well as models at Proenza Schouler, Prabal Gurung, Chloé and many more shows, says she prefers to apply a sheer layer of foundation onto primed skin first to even out any discolouration.

“Work the foundation into the skin in circular motions using a soft fluffy brush starting from the centre of the face (where we tend to need more coverage) moving outwards.”

Once your foundation has settled, apply concealer using a small brush in a patting motion on top of the areas that need it – this technique is called “stippling”.

Now that we’ve established that concealer comes after foundation, how do you go about choosing the right concealer shade? Thompson says the shade varies on what you’re trying to cover.

“If you are concealing a blemish, match your concealer to your skin tone or current foundation.” You may also go a shade lighter or opt for a duo concealer palette which gives you both.

Thompson says, “If you are covering under eye circles or pigmentation that tends to have a slightly blue undertone, opt for a concealer with a slightly peachy, warmer tone.”

“Apply less to begin with then build until you’ve reached the level of coverage you require. “[And], don’t forget to set the spot with powder. This will really help keep it in place.”