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Living in a studio apartment means to operate in limited square footage. It is crucial to arrange the space in the most comfortable way. That way it can perform its main functions and feel like home to you.

Living in a studio alone requires creating separate zones for working, resting, eating, and sleeping. This will help to maintain a healthy routine and enhance your productivity. Moreover, if you live with someone, it is essential to ensure both of you have a personal space.

Fortunately, interior design specialists have several solutions to the problem and recommendations depending on your studio apartment’s shape and size and the amount of natural lighting in it. Here are some creative design tips that will make your home easier to live in.

Try a Room Divider

You can use a wall partition to separate different zones in a studio apartment with one window and make an individual bedroom and kitchen. Such a room divider will be significantly more durable and private than room dividing curtains. Another advantage is that you can find manufacturers, like Portable Partitions, that make both freestanding and mobile partitions . Therefore, you will not be limited to an additional wall when changing the apartment’s layout.

It would be best to separate the area near the window by a sliding partition to make the most out of it. If you put the bed in a bright place, you can arrange a working area against the wall. It would be convenient to make a built-in wardrobe for various small things at the head of the bed.

Choosing a transparent room divider will allow enough light in, and you can place the kitchen behind it. Surprisingly, a round table with chairs often fits into the studio apartment’s interior much better than a bar counter. A bar counter is sometimes also used in separating small spaces.

Create a Niche for the Sleeping Area

A studio apartment with two windows is much easier to turn into a 1-bedroom apartment. To do this, you can arrange a niche where it would be convenient to hide a sleeping place.  Exploring various types of UK bed sizes can provide insight into maximizing space efficiency and comfort within such apartment transformations. From compact single beds to versatile sofa beds, understanding the dimensions and functionalities of different bed types can greatly inform the design process. Lots of people from Tarrant County get home decor in Fort Worth furniture stores so that they can find the best fit for their needs. It is an excellent option for those who do not want to waste time on construction and seek some creativity.

If you drape this area with dense curtains with a spectacular cornice, you will get an entirely separate bedroom. You can divide the rest of the living space into two parts. On one side there is a living room with a sofa and a kitchen on the other side. Your table or wardrobe can distinguish them.

Use Your Bookcase

This one has so many advantages! It is the most ergonomic solution when trying to divide a studio apartment and maximize your space simultaneously. It is a room divider that is also functional and practical! You are not obliged to fill it with only books. You can use it as your additional storage space or create a chic vibe and design your bookcase with home decor.

The most popular and inexpensive choice is perhaps IKEA’s Kallax bookshelf. Another tip is to stuff it as much as possible with books and add-on parts like baskets, drawers, and storage boxes. It will allow you to make the bedroom area barely noticeable. Besides, having all your books right by your side is an excellent opportunity to get into the habit of reading before sleep.

Build a Loft

In a studio apartment with high ceilings, from 3 meters, make sure to use the vertical space. For example, build an improvised second floor and place an additional full room with a loft bed there. Thus, you will get an opportunity to make a full-fledged kitchen with a dining area and a living room with a sofa and TV area downstairs.

The loft bed is a perfect space-saving solution that allows you to free up a lot of floor space to create a comprehensive workplace and a sitting area downstairs.

Use Transforming Furniture

Even though almost any transformable furniture is made to order, it is a simple decision. Now you can find inexpensive Murphy beds as they continue to gain more and more popularity.

Since the studio apartment is a small space, it is a convenient solution. It is not an easy task to fit standard-sized furniture in it and leave some room for a living area. 

With the help of transformable furniture, you can arrange a living room and a bedroom in one room, add a spare bed or equip a home office.

Your home is your power place, and the bedroom plays a significant role in letting you fully restore your energy for every next day. For that reason, it is crucial to provide yourself with a proper place to sleep. If it seems impossible when living in a studio apartment – it is not.

Choose whatever suits you and your apartment’s interior design best, but always remember to think through the most practical solutions. Sliding doors, half walls, different kinds of room dividers, and alternative furniture pieces are capable of freeing so much space for you and making your apartment look fresh and airy.

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