Are you on the VIP list to get TikTok’s Favorite Designer Lip Balm? If you feel this famous lip balm is too pretty to use, you wouldn’t be the first one! Many beauty enthusiasts save this magic wand for their special days, and we don’t blame them. According to many Tom Ford Balm Frost Reviews, the brand bestseller has got everyone on their feet for its hefty gold, and shimmer formula, that makes your lips look like a million-dollar baby! Users have been left in awe of the before and after pictures using this lip obsession, and we might be equally guilty! 

A flattering tint of color is all you may want when you are too lazy to try on anything else for your important dates. Luckily, many Tinseltown celebs are crushing on this sweet balm after its reviews made quite the dramatic entrance on social media platforms. The product opened many doors of fashion by creating an enormous splash among lip balm lovers, with its multitude of benefits that save you a lot of time on the clock in just a nourishing glide of hands. If you want a balm lipstick or a lipstick balm, we suggest you get your hands full with this pretty lady! But is it even worth the hype? Should you keep your wallet ready for this? Let us dig deep! 

Love At First Swipe?

All women are mellow when it comes to makeup, and when the lips are doing all the talking, it’s too good to miss out on this global crush! Being one honey of a lip balm, the Tom Ford Balm Frost has more stalkers than that celebs! And why wouldn’t it? Makeup lovers worldwide are so taken with this little miracle, that the product keeps selling out! Tom Ford claims that their brand’s most beautiful lip balm is one of a kind and will help you pull off any look with its unmissable charming spell

The brand assures that their famous balm will spark irresistible creativity in you, as it has been blended with dazzling shimmers to cover your lips with a velvety sheet of pearls! The lip balm has been incorporated into an easy-to-use bullet with a body of gold. The formula imparts a soft pink shade swimming together with frosty particles that look like speckles of shiny gold. With ample hydration, it also offers a soothing smoothness to your lips that will last easily for a couple of hours.  

If you are second-guessing yourself about getting this, you should know that the product is strictly devoid of health-compromising elements like parabens, phthalates, SLES, SLS, etc. Though the brand claims to have embraced vegan with open arms, it still does animal testing, so the former claim may not be significant. But, anything for this dreamy balm, right? 

How to use

Do we need to talk about this? 


  • It gives a pretty translucent pink flush to your lips
  • Leaves a high shine finish 
  • Provides optimal nourishment to lips 
  • Glides smoothly like butter
  • You can use it all-day
  • It makes your lips look delicious, like a treat!
  • It has got iridescent pearl-like golden shimmer
  • Feels ultra soothing 
  • It goes with all kinds of outfits and occasions
  • It leaves your lips hydrated and soft 
  • Supplies ample moisturization 
  • It helps achieve fuller-looking lips 


  • Your lips may feel rough or textured because the shimmery particles stick to your lips even after the balm wears off. 
  • The glitter is almost too difficult to remove. 
  • The product requires you to empty your whole wallet at once!

Besides, its pretty expensive for most of us and therefore, you must check out these Tom Ford Balm Frost Dupes.

Why Should You Choose Tom Ford Balm Frost?

Shimmy Choo

We know all that glitters is not gold, but in this case, it is! The scintillating balm is laced with the perfection of a smooth pearlescent look designed with bright glittering crystals that exude a shiny luster like snow and the bright sun. The best part is you just need seconds to revamp your whole appearance without having to frequent the ladies’ room for touch-ups! 

Feels like heaven 

Think about your favorite drugstore product and how it makes you feel like you are on the best vacation of your life! Well, the Tom Ford Balm Frost comes with a splurge of benefits that sends our lips to an enhancing feeling of paradise! The texture is soft, creamy, and glides like silk on your lips without you having to make any effort to perfect them. Also, the hints of snowy glitter mask your Cupid’s bow with finesse, giving your lovelies enhanced definition and a voluminous-looking affair!  

Oh-so-yummilicious lips

Life may not be perfect, but this hydrating balm ensures your lips always look perfect! It coats them everywhere with a soothing reflection of light that brings all the sumptuousness to one place! And what has convinced so many users to buy it? The sleek bullet is free of toxic elements like phthalates, SLS, SLES, mineral oil, and parabens. 

Perfect longevity 

Unlike other balms, which tend to stay on your lips for a long time, but instead of hydrating your arches, feel gooey, the Tom Ford Balm Frost claims to pamper your lips in a minimalistic way. It doesn’t stay on for too much time that you get irritated or too less time that you feel it wasn’t long enough. Just dab on some of this balm, and your lips will be lucky for the next two to three hours. 

It’s a Tom Ford, sweetie! 

We all have a slight weakness in luxury brands that have got everyone’s mouth drooling, don’t we? We are always talking about getting that new thing in the drugstores, which no one can keep calm about. The Tom Ford Balm Frost is one box of happiness you need to gift yourself this instead of googling it a million times online, get this baby!

We know you love that posh feeling and like to find the same in your makeup vanity. So what better choice of lip balm will keep your lips soft, supple, and touchably moist?

According to the Tom Ford Balm Frost reviews, the product allows your lips to be spoilt in memorable pale pink moments, whose one swirl makes them look like a rosy blush on your flushed cheeks! Rain or shine, the sultry balm claims that it will help fulfill your lip fetish. We are definitely in the queue for bringing this home. Are you ready to taste luxury?