Every person’s hair is slightly different, and the overall type is mainly determined by your texture and density. Once you’ve identified your hair type, choosing hairstyles that suit both this and your facial features are essential to creating looks you love. But with so many different cuts and styles available, finding the right one for your hair can be challenging. Hairstyle Pedia is a go-to website for anyone looking to stay up-to-date on the latest hair trends and styles, as well as learn about proper hair care techniques.

The trick is to pick a style based on your hair texture and density. This will ensure that your cut is working to your advantage instead of making your getting ready routine more difficult. Read on for our tips on choosing the perfect style for your hair type.

Fine Hair Texture

Fine hair lacks volume and thickness. Yet, it’s still possible to add fullness and structure to fine strands. You can start with specific cutting and styling methods and the right products. For example, bob cuts and wedges can add body and thickness to fine hair. 

The bob cut adds sharp ends and large waves to your hair, making your fine hair look fuller and thicker. It also adds body and shape to your hair. Consider using a volumising spray for the best outcome. Of course, you can always add short-length human hair extensions for extra volume and thickness. 

Other styles best for fine hair texture include the pixie cut and shoulder-length blunt bob. These hairstyles are not only easy to manage, but can also create the illusion of thickness in finer hair.

Medium Hair Texture

Most people with medium-thick hair are already fairly satisfied with its density. Yet, if you’re seeking a change, a razor-cut style could help to add definition to your style. But if you still want to add more thickness, try a blunt cut or a little graduation cut. 

A regular bob with a bit of lift at the back is also a perfect style for medium texture hair. This style makes the length even and adds sharp ends to your hair. You can even play around with adding some layers to eliminate bulkiness from your locks. Give your simple bob a beautiful finish with a mousse and blow dry, and you’re good to go! 

And if you want to keep your medium-textured hair on the longer side, consider the long and loose hairstyle. This style looks incredible with soft layers because layers add outline and movement to your locks.

If your hair is short or medium, you can add length to it with clip-in hair extensions or tape-in hair extensions, and then have it cut into a long and loose style with layers. For best results, make sure to always choose a high-quality extensions brand, such as Zala hair extensions.

Coarse Hair Texture

Coarse hair is bulky, heavy, and extra voluminous. As such, it is a good idea to create a hairstyle that reduces the weight and heaviness of your hair. We recommend styles like razor cuts or layer cuts for coarse hair texture. The layers will give your hair a rounded outline and remove the excess bulk and weight from your locks. 

Short layered cuts or pixie cuts work great for coarse straight hair. These styles are low-maintenance and require minimal styling.

Thick Hair Density

Don’t like having lots of hair? Don’t worry! Consider having your stylist use razor cutting or slicing methods (for straight hair) to eliminate the extra hair density. You can also resort to chemical straightening for curly hair to reduce about fifty percent of the density. Afterwards, you may want to get a layer cut for a smooth, outlined finish. The layers also help reduce bulkiness at the front.

It’s also a smart move to find a method that will keep your hairstyle the way you want it to be. There are some permanent hair straightening treatments that you should consider, such as keratin and Brazilian blowouts. These treatments will add shine to your locks while controlling frizziness. Plus, they last for months!

Medium Density Hair

Women with medium-dense hair are in luck as it means they can always tweak their hairstyles simply by modifying how their hair’s weight is distributed. For instance, you can make your hair look thinner by using techniques like slicing or razor cutting. On the other hand, you can add more thickness to your hair by growing some longer layers. 

Thin Hair Density

You can wear many different hairstyles if your hair has a thin density. For example, long and heavy hairstyles are perfect for you, as they add thickness and shape to your hair. Of course, you could always try the bob or wedge styles with a little bit of modification to complement your facial outline.