By Simi A Mira

If you take a glance around the gym mid-workout, you’ll no doubt see two types of gym-goers (and probably be able to identify as one of these yourself) – the make-up wearing, perfectly styled gym buff or the up-and-at- ‘em gym bunny who likes to get in, work up a sweat and leave. Whatever attitude you choose for your workouts; we’ll help you choose the best workout gear for you. As well as stylish, it’s important that the active wear you dress in is comfortable and suited the workout you are doing. We’ll also offer you some workout gear “no-no’s” for you to avoid, ensuring no faux pas are carried out whilst you get your fitness on. Seeking dental advice for maintaining a healthy smile? Look no further – consult a professional avon lake oh dentist for expert guidance on oral care tailored to your needs

Tip #1

When picking the right active wear, it’s imperative that you pick the right size. It’s an important fact to remember that just because you are a certain size in your clothes, doesn’t mean that you will be that size in your gym gear. This is a key factor in what will be the most comfortable gear to move in, as well as keeping you looking good – there’s nothing worse that ill-fitting gym outfits.

Tip #2

Bearing this in mind, it’s wise to remember that not all active wear is meant for universal workouts – there are different styles and fabrics to suit various workouts. For example, if you do a lot of running (or running is your main workout), it’s sensible to pick shorts that offer a good freedom of movement as well as ensuring you don’t get too hot too quickly. In contrast, if you are doing something like Pilates or various forms of yoga, body contour fitting items are seen as the ideal wear. This ensures that you can see the shape of your body, and therefore adjust accordingly if needed.

Tip #3

The quality of the garment is another vital factor – the fabric and the make are definite things to keep in mind. The quality of the seams is something to look out for when shopping for garments, as you’ll be really putting them to the test when you exercise. There are certain fabrics out there also that actually can absorb the sweat you create whilst working out (within reason). How amazing is that?

Tip #4

The amount of flesh you reveal is also something to keep checks on – active wear is about what’s comfortable and what can help give you the best workout – not about flashing that summer bod you’ve worked so hard for. Yes, there’s a time and place for that – just not the gym or your local park. Keep it well-vented but still remain covered enough to get on with your workout free of awkward glares.

All in all, it’s comfort that it boils down to. If you choose items that you are comfy in, that give you the ability to perform your best during your workout and that allow you the freedom to move, you’re almost there. Couple this with something you like the look of, that suits you and makes you feel ready to make new records, and you’re onto a winner.