While most people have the absolute view of models front and centre, I can tell you the truth about what it’s like to be on a runway. Most people ask if it is glamorous and what really goes on behind the scenes. At the end of the day, there is too much to explain when it in comes to the hustle and bustle … my first major runway show (New York Fashion Week), was extreme to say the least. From non-fashion week shows, I thought I knew what I was in for, but this experience was amazing to say the least. The following is a brief synopsis.

Rule of thumb number one  

Forget sleeping. Fashion week you do not sleep period. I have a strict schedule. When I wake up I work out, followed by a super-healthy breakfast. I always choose protein (scrambled eggs) and fruit. This is the only time of the day that I eat carbs. Period. Most importantly, I pack for the rest of the day, but when it comes to fashion week, it comes to several healthy snacks. I choose, as most models do, select foods that are not going to bloat you up when you strut down the runway. Personally for me, I like carrots and other healthy veggies, in addition to protein snacks. You really never know what they are going to serve on the catering table and usually it is really high carbohydrate-wise.

Rule of thumb number two

Prepare to run. I am not talking ruining your designer shoes. I am talking about really packing up your flip-flops or whatever else you have comfy, and prepare to run. This is how it goes down. There are last minute fittings, last minute hair consultations and you have to attend all before every show. Fashion week is the mother of all of this craziness, because you need to make it to every show when you are booked. This isn’t a really problem obviously, but get prepared to run.

Rule of thumb number three

Your best friends are the photographers, publicists and stylists. Play nice in this playground, because they can make or break your career. I am not joking here in the slightest. When you have several people working on you, you are essentially in their hands and in the fashion designer’s hands. This is no time for diva behaviour and if you have your team of the day that appreciates you, they will be more apt to recommend and promote you in the future.

Rule of thumb number four

While you will want to really have a fabulous time at the after party event, my advice is don’t. Celebrate with caution, especially, if you have a new show to debut in the a.m. After all, alcohol equals massive bags under your eyeballs which will put you nowhere. The smart networking thing to do is to show up, take a couple of photo opportunities looking model ready with key industry execs and head home for a good night’s sleep ahead for day number two.