By Simi A Mira

I don’t care what anybody says but you are beautiful just the way you are. Though there are some things you can do to enhance that natural beauty of yours.

1. Go Get Grapes.. yes grapes!

This may seem a bit crazy but if your complexion is a bit dull, it is recommended to take some halved grapes (who cares what color) and rub them all over your face. You may look like a loon while doing it but you will definitely look like a diamond after your grape facial. Supposedly, grapes make great exfoliators.

2. Mask It Up

Apply facemasks in the shower. This seems crazy but when you are taking your nice, relaxing, steamy shower, your gorgeous pores will open up. So turn that face away from the water, apply that mask, and then halfway through your 30 minute shower wash it off. Beauty is yours.

3. Jersey Shore Baby! Or Not…

Do you get tired of putting on bronzer and turning orange? Or are you as pale as a ghost and unable to get a good tan in the sun? Mix a little powdered bronzer in with your moisturizer (you should have this on hand, you beauty guru you) and apply it however you normally do. This is a great way to enhance your natural glow without looking like an Oompa Loompa.

4. Popeye Love Olive Oil

Did you know that Olive Oil is a great treatment for that worn out, tired hair? Put some on your hair and let it set for an hour or so to get luscious, gorgeous locks. If you don’t like Olive Oil for whatever reason, Coconut Oil is another option for the healthy hair crazed.

5. This is One “Mousse” Sarah Palin Won’t Shoot

Instead of damaging your hair with a curling iron, get out of the shower, towel dry, and while your hair is still damp, flip your head over and tousle your hair with some mousse. Highlight those natural curls with beautiful waves brought to you for less cost than a curling iron.

6. Hair Stronger than the Hulk

For strong hair, be insane and add half cup of mayo in your hair. Let it set for 15 minutes and rinse. The fatty cholesterol helps to strengthen the roots. While you’re at it, make a ham and cheese sandwich. Hey! A Girl’s gotta eat.

 7. Good-Bye Stretch Marks! Yarrow Beautiful Skin!

Stretch mark, if your mother had them, you will have them. This is something that plagues women no matter the nationality. Anyone with stretch marks will tell you that once you get them, you are stuck with them to your grave. Pregnancy, puberty, and just general fast weight gain can give you stretch marks. But have no fear, Yarrow Root Extract is a godsend for the women of the world who hate their stretch marks and wish to say “Good-bye” to them. It reduces inflammation and gives your skin a silky, smooth feel. When you are looking for a lotion, forget the cocoa butter. Take a gander at the ingredients and if you see yarrow root extract, pick it up!

8. A Little Tea, A Little Tree

Tea Tree Oil is a great solution for dandruff-y hair. It gives a nice little tingle on your scalp and removes dandruff as you wash your hair. Forget that nasty snowfall coming from your head and start enjoying great smelling and awesome scalp health by looking for products with tea tree oil.

9. Orange You Glad You Have Great Pores?

Orange Juice is a great citrusy drink for breakfast AND it is a great pore shrinker. Dap a little orange juice onto a cotton ball and go at it. But don’t use too much! It is an acid so it will dry your face out if used in excess.

10. These Nails Look So Long

Wish you had long nails but don’t feel like waiting for them to grow out? Simply soak your clean hands in vinegar for about 5 minutes and then push your cuticles back. This will give you longer looking nails without the hassle of waiting for them to grow out.