By Dania Denis
Modeling 101 – A Models Diary

It really bothers me when I see young ladies fall over themselves when looking at a picture of a model in a magazine sometimes because the most common thing they end up saying is something along the lines of, “I wish I had (hair/skin/makeup/body/eyebrows) like her! How can I look like that?” *SIGH* Ladies, when it comes to modeling, nothing is as it seems. That’s the whole point.

If you think any of the models look the way they do in real life compared to their professional photos, you live in a different reality. That’s not to say they emerge from their photo shoots with acne, beer bellies and split ends…but they are not flawless and weren’t born that way, either…hard to believe, I know.

Models are paid to take care of themselves. When you get millions of dollars per gig, of course you can afford to have all the good things in life. You don’t have to worry about staying up late working on a project or working overtime at your job. Looking good/perfect is a model’s job.

The reality that appears in the magazines and other publications is a reality created by high rollers in the advertising business. Models are a commodity. Before you feel inadequate about yourself, realize that it isn’t realistic to compare yourself to any of the beauties that grace the pages of your favorite publication.

Even when I come out of the salon with freshly threaded eyebrows (if you don’t know what threading is, Google it, it’s amazing!), they still don’t look anywhere near the way they appear in my photos. I sit in the makeup chair and have a makeup artist trim, comb, pluck, color in and shape my eyebrows before a shoot.

A model’s complexion looks flawless in everything from the pages of a magazine to the runway. But this is just more imagery. The finished look isn’t a natural occurrence…it’s a created and very well put together one. There’s a thing called lighting, makeup and angles that create the polished look.

Do you think those models sport that much makeup when they’re out and about running errands? Of course not! All that comes off as soon as the job is done. For me, that’s the case anyway and shame on any supermodel who wears that much makeup on a daily basis.

Never think that you should look like a model does in a magazine. It’s just not healthy or realistic. Before you gush about how gorgeous and perfect the next face of the Dolce & Gabbana campaign is, remember that many hours and many high-paid professionals took the time to make her look like that.

They hire models for their natural beauty and then pile on the makeup because they know that is easier to play off of then giving an average looking person a complete makeover. There’s nothing wrong with appreciating the beauty of a model in a publication but when you go past that and start making comparisons, that’s where it gets disturbing.

You always start with natural beauty and go from there. If you possess the right attitude, self confidence and take care of yourself, you’ll have enough natural beauty to give any supermodel a run for her money.