By Calynn M. Lawrence
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Ever look at the girls in the magazines and wonder if your skin could ever be that clear? Well, I have great news for you: it can! Many people over think the concept of achieving clear skin when really it is not super difficult. Following the tips in this article will help you gain clear model skin in no time!


You must know your skin type to construct a beneficial skin care routine. If unaware of your skin type, it is very likely that the regimen you are following is actually damaging your skin or doing very little to help it.

Basically, there exists 4 different types of skin. Oily skin is characterized by having skin that is extremely greasy. This type of skin tends to be very acne prone. It is constantly on the brink of a break out however, it is almost never dry to the touch! Dry skin is seldom ever broken out but very prone to peeling, blotchiness and scabbing. Because of it’s dehydrated nature, it is much less likely to develop acne however it is regularly thirsty for moisture! Normal skin has a balance of hydration and dryness. It is not neither acne prone or acne resistant. Lastly, there’s combination skin. This can be a combination between any of the previous 3 skin types mentioned!


Drinking water is the life source of the whole body. Thus, you need to have a maximum intake of water so that your bodily systems can be in optimal running condition. It can not only serve to hydrate the skin but to help flush out bad toxins within the body that may be causing your complexion to have difficulties! Try to drink at least 72 ounces a day and watch how your skin changes!


You want to be sure wash your face in both the morning and in the evening. Oily skin should be washed with a mattifying cleanser with clay components. The clay will soak up all of the excess oil and leave your face nice and dry for the day. Combination skin should be washed with a foaming facial wash. This will have enough astringent to pull the oil out of the pores but will not suck the moisture out of the dry parts. Dry skin should be washed with a non foaming cleanser. This will ensure that there are no harsh sulfates that will overly dehydrate the skin. Normal skin can be washed with a mild bar soap so as to thoroughly cleanse without causing any harm.


Exfoliation is the process of deep skin cleansing that helps to remove all impurities and dead skin cells from the surface. This helps with the rapid clearing of acne and break outs, the evening of a complexion, the smoothing of texture and an added healthy glow. Exfoliation rejuvenates the skin! But, too much exfoliation can result in sore skin, extreme dryness, patchiness and redness or irritation. The best way to exfoliate is with a soft bristle facial brush and a light beaded facial wash. Those with dry skin should only exfoliate once a week. Their skin is already dry and likely clear so they do not need constant exfoliation. Those with combination skin should exfoliate twice a week, with heavier concentration on the oily zones of the face and a lighter hand on the dry bits. Those with oily skin may exfoliate up to 3 times a week to ensure that they are minimizing pore clogging and acne control. Those with normal skin can exfoliate anywhere between once and twice a week as needed.

These are simply 4 fun tips to help you get that beautiful model complexion at home! Who needs thousand dollar products when you can achieve great skin on a good budget? Try incorporating these into your daily regimen and watch the results!