By Calynn M. Lawrence

Having trouble figuring out how to sky rocket your career in fashion and beauty? Have no fear, this article will give you the top tips for starting a successful career!


Before you start working on your career you MUST have a niche! A niche is a specialty area that your brand will center upon. This means that majority of the work that you do will be within that realm. For example if you chose design then the majority of your secular endeavors would be centered around fashion design. That way you can hone your craft with practice and experience!


Having Internet presence is more than vital in today’s times. To neglect social media for branding yourself and marketing your talent would be very unwise! It’s free of charge, fun to use and billions of people use it every single day! Also, it is an amazing tool for building connections with other people in your field. Many companies search social media looking for potential hires! If you do not want to sign up for every single sort of social media, that is fine. Simply, be sure to sign up for the major ones : Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! Followers will come and go but you want to stay persistent and post on a regular basis to keep your fan base strong!


Starting a blog is very fun and a great pass time. If you blog on a consistent basis, according to your niche, you will eventually gain a following. This will strengthen the credibility of your opinion and give you an online voice! Employers are enticed to this and in turn reach out to you! Perhaps, trying to set up product collabs or asking to use your blog for advertising or even offering you a full time position! Just be sure to be as professional as possible. Excessive swearing and distasteful content will do nothing but damage your repuataion! Also, always cross promote your blog posts and social media. You should be broadcasting new posts across all channels to up your audience.

You can not just expect to have a lucrative with no experience and still gain tons of followers and loads of clients. That is highly unrealistic! Before you decide you want to start doing your own thing, hone your skills with those greater than you. Do internships in your desired field, apply for apprenticeships and volunteer! Even if it means working for free, you need to be sure that you have a minimum of 2 year’s experience in field before expecting things to take off. Those connections that you make with employers will last forever. That will always be another reference for your resume and another email or phone number for your contacts!

As you see, these tips are certain to improve your chances of having landing an awesome job in the fashion and beauty industry. Applying them will only strengthen your odds of growing in your field!