With Christmas coming, you will find yourself invited to lots of events and parties. This is a great opportunity to boost your festive wardrobe whilst being careful not to overspend.

The key is making sure that anything you do buy makes you feel fabulous. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

The basics

If you are a fan of the capsule wardrobe, then chances are you will already have the perfect little black dress which can be dressed up or down accordingly. You may also have some suitable blouses and trousers which could fit the bill for a festive party. If not, these are two places to start for festive shopping.

However you decide to dress, having the right undergarments not only help you to look great but also helps boost your confidence. Get yourself a properly fitting luxury bra to support your curves in the best way. You could even treat yourself to matching knickers for an extra confidence boost.

Track your spending

The festive season as a whole can be expensive, so it is a good idea to keep tabs on what you are spending. Instead of one-off outfits for each event, try to purchase versatile pieces that you can wear again.

Spreading the costs throughout the year is also a way to reduce the financial pressure in winter. You may be able to get some stunning bargains in the January sales for events such as Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. If you have charity shops near you, many will put out festive outfits especially for the colder seasons so it’s always worth a look.

Plan around events

Although being organised is great, you don’t need ten new outfits when you are only going to five events. Start by making a note of all the dress codes for the different events. With this in mind, you will be able to tailor your outfits accordingly.

You may even be going to events with different friendship groups. If there is an outfit that you adore and makes you look amazing, why not wear it to both? That way you are reusing it and saving money whilst looking fabulous.

Switch it up

The festive season fashions often include lots of colours, sparkles and patterns. You may feel a bit intimidated by an array of festive outfits but remember to take it one step at a time.

Start by picking a colour you don’t usually wear. For example, reds and greens are synonymous with Christmas so start by looking at burgundys and emeralds as they are more muted but still have the essence of Christmas.

Sparkles and sequins can feel like they will attract a lot of attention so introverts can tend to shy away from glittery outfits. Rather than jumping straight in with a glitterball-inspired dress, try having a plain skirt or pair of trousers paired with an embellished top. This gives a Christmassy hint without being too much. Give yourself some bonus points if all elements are things you would wear again in various ways.