By Calynn M. Lawrence

2015 saw an amazing year for the fashion industry. Many designers had a huge breakthrough, tons of emerging models elevated their status and lots of cool trends came and went. However, out of all of these, it was these three fashion designers who stood out from the crowd and truly made a name for themselves. Here are your top designers of 2015!


There is little need to explain why Balmain was chosen for this list. Aside from his stellar luxury brand and high end garments, his collabporation with H&M was one of a kind. Certainly, this was his best work yet as well as H&M’s best designer collaboration ever!

What made this so special? Well, for starters the brand included very extravegant garb for an extremely reasonable price. For example, a generously embellished sequin gown made in the form of an elongated blazer was priced at a mere $100. Normally, an item of that intensity from a Balmain collection would cost you an easy $1000. That’s practically a tenth of the price with the same amount of value and quality!

Also, the brand was endorsed by some of the best celebrity picks possible including Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and the Kardashian-Jenner clan along with Cara Delevigne! Now if that isn’t good marketing, I don’t know what is. All of these selected individuals are very heavily sought after for the teen-young adult audience and this surely drove sales through the roof.balmain top designers of 2015


Chanel from the very beginning was built on a working woman’s mantra. This line was made for successful young ladies to strut their stuff while looking fabulous. After over 100 years in the running, Chanel is still one of the top designer brands in the game!

Throughout the duration of 2015, Chanel released a list of luxury items that all caught on like wildfire to the consumer public! This included tens of stylish handbags, many of which could bouble as a work bag, many pairs of sexy yet sensible heels, appropriate for the office, and quite a few suits that screamed plush professionalism. Although it may seem impossible, Chanel continues to make fashion friendly work wear for the business barbs around the globe!chanel top designers of 2015Christian Louboutin

What fashionista hasn’t heard of the classic red bottom? Christian Louboutin has revolutionised the entire luxury shoe industry with his fast acting creation of the iconic “red bottoms.”

His signature design for his already sensational shoes is to craft a simplistic pump and paint the soles a bright candy apple red, making them a statement piece while maintaining a certain subtlety. This is definitely the best of both worlds! While some may argue their value against the $500+ price range, that is definitely not putting a stop to their sales! Red Bottom shoes were amongst the highest selling shoes in 2015.

There you have it! These were the top three fashion designers of 2015. 2016 will tell if they shall hold their positions or have them taken by the next artistchristian-louboutin top designers of 2015