By Simi A Mira

1. Deep-condition Your Hair

Being a model and having your hair styled several times daily, it’s obvious that their hair will be dry and damaged. Of course, no model wants that! That’s why models all around the world resort to the best of the best care for their hair.

The best thing to do to reverse your damaged hair is to take advantage of deep-conditioner treatments. They’re so simple, yet they give you the silkiness and shine you’ve been craving, and of course, help to reverse your damaged hair and give your hair the nutrients it needs to be gorgeous and healthy. The great thing about deep-conditioner is that if you don’t have the time or patience to create your own at home using various proteins, you can stop by just about any convenient store to purchase a reliable deep-conditioner to slather on your hair. One great, and very affordable, deep-conditioner brand is Palmers, especially their coconut oil deep-conditioner that smells as good as it makes your hair look. You won’t be disappointed by the results!deep condition your hair

2. Don’t Over-Shampoo Or Over-Wash

One very common mistake made by people who want shiny hair is either using too much shampoo or simply washing their hair too often. The problem with washing your hair too much is that the natural oils in your hair are easily stripped out, and of course, using too much shampoo will result in drier, possibly frizzier hair.

Many models and hair stylists recommend only washing your hair every other day, or every third day even, as opposed to daily hair washing. It’s also recommended that you only use a pump of shampoo every washing to ensure that your hair won’t be dried out and cause an unfortunate lack of sheen.over shampoo

3. Snack On Some Protein

The phrase, “You are what you eat,” is so true, especially when it comes to shiny, healthy hair! Eating healthy proteins such as nuts, avocados, and egg whites are some of the best ways to improve your own protein intake as well as your hair’s. Some even recommend putting these proteins directly on your hair as a homemade deep-conditioner, especially egg whites, mayonnaise, and avocadoes.

Definitely don’t skip out on this important step! If you want shiny hair, you absolutely need to give your body the best foods possible to ensure healthier hair. It really does make a difference; any model would tell you that!how to get model hair

4. Don’t Forget Vitamins & Minerals

Whether you choose to take biotin (aka vitamin k) orally, use it in a hair serum, or wash your hair with it, it’s important that your stock up on the vitamins you need to have shiny, beautiful hair. Using these supplements, you’ll not only have shiny hair, your hair will also noticeably grow longer and thicker as biotin and keratin both are building blocks to a healthy set of hair.

Biotin protects against dry and brittle hair, promoting the production of keratin, perfect for one who wants shinier hair! You can also, of course, find hair products that contain keratin itself too, but either way, it’s important to take use of vitamins and minerals! Other important vitamins for healthy hair include but are not limited to vitamin a, c, d, and to get model hair

5. Rinse Your Hair With Cold Water

Another very common hair-washing mistake many make is washing with hot water. Sure, the hotter the water, the better it feels, but did you know that cold water actually helps your hair look shinier as well as appear less frizzy? It’s true! Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to take a shower in ice-cold water. All you have to do is after conditioning your hair, simply rinse your hair for 3-5 seconds in cold water to ensure that your conditioner will set properly, making for beautiful, shiny hair as an end result.

Hair actually prefers coolness as too much heat can be quite damaging. Even after trying this trick once, you will notice a surprisingly huge difference, and it’s insanely simple!

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