The link between work and the health conditions that affect our bodies should never be taken for granted. Given how much time we spend there, and how it dictates how we spend that time, many of the issues we find with our health often stem from how we work. This is just as true of office workers as it is for those performing tough manual labor. If you’re an office worker, then make sure that you’re not neglecting these areas of your health.

The vitals

A lot of office work is sedentary. While sitting is not treated as the serious health crisis that it was a few years back, not moving around enough can certainly have an impact on your health. Changes to your blood pressure, body fact, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar levels should be monitored with a routine physical at the very least once a year. This way, you can get an idea if you need to start making any lifestyle changes to supplement the lack of activity at the office.

Musculoskeletal health

If you’re starting to feel the stress and strain of work build up in your very muscles and you experience a sore back or joints, then you might want to visit a provider like Working in an office, especially sitting at a desk, can cause strain to build up in the points where you tend to put the most pressure when working, which can cause musculoskeletal injuries if not alleviated.

Your eyesight

Working at an office and especially at a screen all day can cause eyestrain. While eyestrain does not typically cause permanent damage, it can start becoming more frequent due to the eye’s inability to focus as well as it should. If you start experiencing eyestrain or any kind of blurred vision more often, arrange an eye exam at Changes to our eyesight can be gradual, so you need to be proactive in treating them.

Your hearing

Your sight isn’t the only sense that can change over time. An office environment, especially a loud one, can be a real risk factor when it comes to hearing changes. Making an appointment with an audiologist can help you get a full picture of your ear and hearing health, as well as what you can do to better protect it in the future.

Your mental health

It’s not just the physical side of our health that can accumulate strain as a result of a tough workplace, it can affect the mind, as well. There are sites like that can help you quickly perform an assessment of your mental health to give you an idea if there’s anything that you need to take a closer look at.

A complete picture of your health means taking into account every facet of your lifestyle that affects it, including your workplace. Keep the above tips in mind if you start feeling a little off when you’re in the office.