Outdoor parties are usually associated with sunny days and fun memories. However, planning one can be hectic. From the theme to seating arrangements, you need to organize everything meticulously to ensure your event runs smoothly. It is also essential to arrange your refreshments so your guests can have easy access to the foods and drinks being offered. A well-arranged cocktail bar or food stand helps you monitor the quantity of food being consumed, and it ensures that you can replenish them in a timely manner. It’s also easier to avoid accidental spills and unnecessary food waste. If you have been wondering how to get food and drinks for your outdoor party, here are five tips.

1. Ensure your food items are easy to locate

The first step to ensuring that your guests can easily locate the variety of delicacies at your party is to arrange your food stations or tables strategically. You will need to provide pathways and good lighting for visibility if your event is going to carry on into the night. Determine your serving stand beforehand to prevent chaos. A buffet serving area will help your attendees navigate easily and serve themselves, so feel free to consider this. It is also essential to arrange the plates and cutlery logically. For most outdoor events, desserts or cocktails are at the far end of the table, while eating utensils are at the beginning. If you are hosting a big event in a vast space, you will need signage to direct partygoers as well as multiple serving stations. You can also opt for finger foods like air fried chicken tenders your kids will love; the good thing is that adults will love them too.

2. Personalize your water bottles

Whether you are hosting a fundraising event or a new year eve’s party, customized water bottles can make your event stand out and ensure you are meeting hygienic standards. To choose the right options, consider your budget. It would be beneficial to match the design of the bottle and the labelling to the theme of your occasion. If it is a company event, branded bottles will provide the opportunity to market the business. They are also an ideal party favor. For instance, your guests will love a bottle that has their name on it. While paper labels could work in this case, polygloss labels are more water-resistant. You can also get creative by printing out nicknames on the bottles.

3. Set up an outdoor bar

A functional outdoor bar can add class and convenience to your party. You can begin by getting a sturdy table or using existing furniture. You can also upcycle barrels, wheelbarrows and buckets for a DIY bar idea. If you are organizing an elegant event like a wedding, consider renting the stemware. If it is a small, intimate party, plastic will be fine. Cater to your guests’ drinking needs by providing alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Ensure there is plenty of water to quench their thirst if you are throwing the party on a hot day.

4. Offer vegan and vegetarian options

It is important to be a considerate host or hostess when organizing an outdoor party. A small event will require you to find out the dietary differences of your crowd. With a much bigger gathering, you can select meals that will satisfy them. Clearly label your dishes to help attendees identify their preferred meal, and remember to include fruit smoothies or other healthier alternatives. Choosing a caterer who is well-versed in plant-based culinary could be a worthwhile investment and make all the difference. Consider focusing on vegan protein to ensure your guests have a balanced menu to choose from. It would also be beneficial to ask for feedback so you can be well-informed for future parties.

5. Waste management

To create a productive waste management plan for your outdoor party, you need to assess the amount the event will generate. Will you use paper cups or plastic? Will there be food waste? Once you have accessed it, provide incentives for the ushers who might be working at the event. Place general waste and recycling bins at vantage points and assign someone to empty them while the party is going on to avoid overspilling. Inform your guests about the disposable bins available through signage and announcements.

Organizing refreshments for an outdoor party can be an enjoyable experience if you have a carefully detailed plan. By implementing these tips, you can provide a curated and enjoyable experience for your guests.