By Calynn M. Lawrence

After a long season of daily gym torture, eating as healthy as possible, being poked and prodded by designers and walking the same walk in stiletto heels 5000 times; exhausted is not even a plausible term to describe you. That’s why it is mandatory to take a va-cay as a fashion model once your season ends.

For us, a vacation is not going to Paris, Milan or New York because these are where we live throughout the season for work. The ideal spot for us is somewhere to relax, detox and forget about the hustle and bustle of the big cities. That’s why the Montauk Lake Club and Marina is an amazing spot for that. It’s the best hidden secret in the Hamptons.

Chill Rooms

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The guest rooms are the perfect “chill zone” equipped with cable TV and Wi-Fi. They’re interior is washed in cool muted colors that allow you to focus more on bed than the bright red walls you can’t stop staring at. Speaking of the beds, the large beds with plush comforters and endless pillows make for the perfect night’s rest or day time snooze.

You even have a beautifully polished bathroom with plenty of space, including a large tub for those calming bubble baths. The size of the tub definitely doesn’t hurt when you’re already tall!

Restauranthamptons, the hamptons, montauk lake club

Although guests are offered awesome continental breakfast on the daily, their restaurant for lunch and dinner is amazing! It’s a simple setting but the food is what really wows the crowd. They host a variety of options for all guests to be able to find something that they enjoy, and all food is cooked upon order so that you can have a fresh feast while on vacation! Just a few of the yummy menu items include various soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers, fish, bistros dishes, sides and vegetarian options. Isn’t that great? And, price wise they are very reasonable for the quality meal that you’re getting. Even the most expensive meal is less than $40!

Lake Viewhamptons, the hamptons, montauk lake club

Now if you’re someone who enjoys a nice view then you’ll love this. The view from many guests rooms as well as throughout the facility, is an enchanting stretch of water with natural back ground. The soothing blue waves flow back seemingly endlessly as you watch the boats float by. This is during the day. Once the sun crosses the horizon, there is a captivating ambiance between the tangerine sky and the navy lake. After such, when the moon has risen the stars fill the sky and cast a wonderful spotlight on the waters. Talk about scenery.

Spahamptons, the hamptons, montauk lake club

The spa is a great option for when you just want to pamper yourself, equipped with multi-certified massage therapists and aestheticians. It’s small and intimate so no need to fret about too much noise or too many people. There is an array of services available as well as nice product selection. Thus, even if you don’t want to be pampered in the spa, you can purchase something to take back to your room or even take back home!

The Montauk Lake Club gets 5 stars across the board. It is the ideal place to vacation after a long streak of working hard and being on your grind. You can find more information at their website below.

hamptons, the hamptons, montauk lake club