By Jessica Sepel – The Healthy Life

You know those naturally slim people? From clinical analysis, many of them are what I would call ‘natural eaters’.

Dieters think about food all the damn time. They’re preoccupied with it, and they have an emotional connection to it. 

Natural eaters, on the other hand, don’t classify food as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. They see it as a source of nourishment. They enjoy eating, but they also know when to stop. They’re connected to their body, and they don’t play into that whole deprivation game. Because life is worth living!

This is of course a generalization and some people make terrible food choices and are lucky enough to maintain a lean figure.

But what I have noticed is that fad dieters tend to actually find their weight hard to control.

From careful analysis, this is what I’ve noticed about people who are ‘naturally slim’.


– Eat in tune with their body

– Eat small amounts of everything

– Never deprive themselves of anything

– Indulge with moderation

– Don’t believe in diets

– Guilt after food does not exist

– Exercise moderately

– Listen to their bodies