Introduction To THC

There are four methods for consuming marijuana –  inhalation, oral, sublingual, and topical. These methods classify into various ways of consumption. There are various ways of consuming THC. THC-based products like THC Gummies  are available in different forms to suit the needs of users. Each method has characteristics that are appropriate for some users and non-appropriate for some users.

Before discussing different methods of consuming THC, it would be nice to have an overview of the basics of THC. THC is tetrahydrocannabinol, a chemical found in the leaves of marijuana plants, responsible for psychoactive effects on the users, making them feel high. THC is gaining popularity for its healing and medicinal properties. Many researchers claim the benefits THC offers to users.

Since the legalization of the consumption of marijuana for recreational purposes in the U.S in 2018, several people have started using marijuana and its derived products for a variety of reasons. There are two types of cannabinoid receptors in the human body. THC binds the receptors in the brain that are responsible for pain, mood, and other feelings. When the user consumes THC, it releases chemicals that can make users feel euphoric and high.

THC gets extracted from the leaves of marijuana plants for consumption through different methods. For THC extraction, leaves are boiled, dried, and ground to a fine powder. This powder form gets used for making various THC products such as capsules, gummies, tinctures, and tablets that are consumable orally.

Another form of THC-based product is THC oil. For THC oil extraction, leaves are boiled and dried, and the oil gets extracted through filtration. Once THC oil gets extracted, it can be consumed in two ways, smoking and vaporizing. Smoking and vaping are the most convenient and preferred methods for getting high among users. Several devices are available for vaping THC oil. THC oil gets filled in the vaping pens and inhaled through the vapors produced by those vaping pens.

THC is popular among adults and kids. Many users consume THC regularly. Several users prefer THC products instead of the over-the-counter drugs available. Several users claim that THC offers various health benefits other than giving a high.

Forms of THC Products

Since the legalization of the consumption of products derived from marijuana, THC has been gaining massive popularity. Many manufacturing companies have started producing THC-based products. Many experts and researchers claim the benefits of THC-based products. 

With various health benefits, THC is gaining popularity globally. Many countries have started legalizing the consumption of marijuana and cannabis as they have several healing properties that benefit users naturally. Since the products are plant-derived, they have fewer side effects.

Several studies have resulted in various positive outcomes, making THC a potential medicine for many diseases such as chronic pain, inflammation, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, depression and anxiety, seizures and mental disorders, and insomnia.

Methods of Consuming THC


The fastest and easiest way of ingesting THC into the body is inhalation. When the users inhale THC, it directly enters the lungs, where they are directly passed to the users’ bloodstream, giving an instantaneous effect.

THC can be used in the form of smoking and vaporizing for the inhalation method. For smoking, the product gets burned, and the smoke produced is inhaled for succeeding effects. Whereas for vaporizing, the product is not burnt but heated and turned into vapors for the user to consume.


THC can be ingested orally as tinctures, oils, edibles, and capsules. These effects last up to six hours for the users. The onset of orally ingested THC is slow, and the effects last longer as they take time to digest. It takes around thirty minutes to start to feel the effects of the tasty THC and around two hours to feel the full results. 

This situation occurs because, during the digestion process, THC goes through a chemical transformation and becomes strong, and the effects last longer. Many users with chronic pain prefer the oral method of consuming THC as the effects last longer, so they do not need to take it frequently.


THC can enter the bloodstream when placed under the tongue or held in the mouth. The tongue has several blood vessels that can absorb THC components, resulting in the same effects as other oral forms. The onset of sublingual methods is similar to the other oral methods of consuming THC. Different products for sublingual ingestion or taking the doses of THC are available such as dissolvable stripes, sprays, medicated lozenges, and tinctures.


Another way of using THC is the topical application of THC-based products such as lotions, creams, bath salts, salves, and oils applied to the skin. The skin has a complex absorption process based on the ability of a chemical to transform into H2O. The cannabinoid penetrates the skin to reduce pain and inflammation. This method is common among old users because it works on localized pain and is non-psychoactive.

With the increasing popularity and demand for THC products, there is an increase in product innovation and their availability. Users can choose from a wide variety of products according to their needs. Users can choose from the various ways by understanding their needs and opt for the best form of THC suitable to their needs. Each method is suitable for users, and results vary according to the onset of the method used.

Before starting any products, experts recommend consulting a doctor as many components can react to the ongoing medications and result in harmful and adverse effects. Since the products are plant-based, they do not have harmful effects, but consulting an expert will ensure that the users do not encounter any danger.

Since the demand and popularity are high, many manufacturing companies have started producing THC products, making it convenient for users to purchase products according to their needs. With increasing needs, many manufacturers often compromise the product quality as the competition is high. This practice often leads to harmful effects on the users. Experts recommend checking the background of the manufacturing company and product quality before making any purchases to avoid any adverse effects.