You see a group of models at a party and you probably have a bunch of stereotypes run through your mind. Things like, how typical, hot people only being friends with hot people and the assumption that conversation between the beauties would be dull and unintelligent because hey, they’re models.

But AMFAM’s annual Surf Ball is about so much more than hot people having a good time together (all there may have been a little of that as well).

The annual event is held in support of the #loveyourselfie campaign. An initiative designed to humanize beauty, combat destructive body image and promote self-love and acceptance.

We are beyond grateful to have a group of friends, that yes, happen to be models, but who are also strong, fearless, confident and proactive guys and gals, that come out to The Surf Lodge once a year to celebrate each other and to help spread the word that your size is sexy and you’re worth it.The Concept - 1

This year, we were also lucky enough to be supported by some amazing brands including Tinder, ASOS, The Daily Edited, Sunny Life, Cuvee Beauty Lincoln, Flyblade and more. We couldn’t be spreading so much love without the help of these guys.

But beyond the glamorous party; the hair, the makeup, the music and the selfies, it’s important to remember that you’re who it was all for. Because it really was for everyone. For everyone that’s ever felt like they’re not good enough, pretty enough, or skinny enough.

Everyone that’s ever felt like they weren’t equal, like they had to change themselves to be accepted. For everyone that’s ever spent an hour taking selfies and deleted them all because they didn’t get one they loved. Click and drag those dang selfies out of the trash. It’s time to start loving them. Every last one. To start to love yourself and you’ll start to #loveyourselfie.

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