Ever dreamed of having your very own giant, blow up flamingo pool toy? Yea, we feel ya. Lucky for us, our dreams came to life when Sunnylife showed up to AMFAM’s annual Surf Ball with a larger than life, pink flamingo, named Rosie.

And that’s not all they brought along. Showing us how to party through summer with a Tropicana flair, guests were sipping cocktails from pineapples and watermelons through flamingo adorned straws. Candles shaped like pineapples lined the tables and the most instagramable love seat swing you’ve ever seen was surrounded by giant beach balls, rainbows and the brands infamous pineapple and watermelon lie on pool floats.

Talk about a fun addition to the party! Their injection of colour and whimsy was just what was needed to bring an AMFAM vibe to the Hamptons.

Sunnylife make it so easy to create that summer blow-out party look. Their ever growing range has literally everything you will ever need to decorate your next model worthy event. From towels and umbrellas to games and music speakers. And what’s a pool party without a floating swan or a blow up lobster you can lie on? Not a good what, that’s what.

Use these pics from our Surf Ball for inspiration!