By Michele Smith
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While many think that coconut oil is simply a fad, the health benefits are indisputable. As of today, there are over one thousand case studies that prove how healthy coconut oil actually is and the uses go way beyond which most people even realize. This amazing fruit has “healthy” fats, which consist of Caprylic, Lauric and Capric acids; and 62% of these are found in coconut oil.

Why exactly are these fats considered healthy? For starters, the fats that are in coconut oil are easy to digest, they are not readily stored as fat, they are smaller sized enabling our bodies to have instant energy, are anti-fungal and are easily processed by the liver also resulting in instant energy. There are many other little known health benefits as well.

Coconut oil is a great way for models and non-models alike to keep their pearly whites sparkling. Yes, coconut oil has been used for years to get rid of harmful mouth bacteria and due to the high concentration of MCFA’s, the coconut oil actually sticks to the bacteria creating a long-term healthy effect on the teeth and gums. When you remove this type of bacteria, you are also avoiding any serious periodontal disease. The takeaway here is simple – coconut oil = healthy pearly whites.

coconut water, model secret, model tips
coconut water, model secret, model tips
coconut water, model secret, model tips

Most people also do not realize that coconut oil is a great preventive of osteoporosis. According to experts, the largest cause of osteoporosis is free radicals and oxidative stress. Where does coconut oil come into play? Coconut oil increases the absorption of calcium, which is important for models and non- models alike. Research has also confirmed that coconut oil increases bone density and even decreased bone loss density due to osteoporosis. It is beyond important for women to keep up with calcium intake and this a great way to do so.

Here is another little-known fact: coconut oil will improve Type II diabetes. Most diabetics in this stage have to deal with their cells not responding to insulin and glucose is not being absorbed as a result. Coconut oil as previously mentioned is heavily concentrated with MCFA’s, which help the insulin reaction in cells resulting in a healthy digestive process. Coconut oil also takes the strain off the pancreas and gives the body a healthy energy source that is not glucose dependent.

If you are a model or not, you can appreciate the fact that coconut oil is great for weight loss. While consuming fat, one would think that the weight loss would be counterintuitive to eating fat; this is certainly not the case. According to a study by the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, “coconut oil has resulted in the initial rapid and ongoing food consumption by lab rats and the same holds true for humans. As a result, coconut oil can increase energy, resulting in increased activity, burns fat and according to other studies increases loss of belly fat!”

coconut oil, model secret, model tips