By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

What is it really like to work with models? In chatting with Paul Lucia, a San Francisco Bay Area photographer, one can learn some important insights when working with models from a photographer’s perspective. Paul Lucia shared the following information, which is great for models who are in the industry or looking to break in.  This seasoned model photographer’s tips clearly explain what to do and what to avoid.

First and foremost, never no-show to an appointment. While life happens, not showing up is a great way to burn a bridge. It is very important to have the cell phone of the photographer and that he/she has the model’s cell phone as well. This way the model will have no reason to not send a text if her/she is late.

Once booked for a shoot, models should research the location prior to be able to plan for any parking issues. If you are a half hour late, because of a parking situation, you inevitably delay the whole shoot. Paul Lucia also recommends showing up to the location with a clean hair and face, with moisturizer only. This means hair without any product in it (washed only) and no makeup from the night before. If it is a beach photo shoot, bring sunscreen and cover up; with other photo shoots it is important to wear nude underwear.

Other must-haves to bring on location are lip-gloss for touch-ups, power bars, water and aspirin. Another important item to note is if the model wants to bring an escort, any escorts need to be approved of and on the photo shoot attendance list ahead of time.

Paul Lucia Photography typically casts their models and finds their talent through workshops and casting calls. It is very important for the model to understand the elements involved and concept of the shoot. Models are selected based on the theme of the shoot and what the client has specified (height, weight, ethnicity etc.) Never feel embarrassed to ask questions; in fact, most photographers encourage this.

It is very critical to show up to the shoot awake and alert. This means a well-rested night’s sleep and not going out the night before. Avoid any foods or alcohol that will cause any puffiness or bloating in the morning. Last but not least, it is important to ask about what clothes to wear to the shoot if a designer is not providing them and also bring a couple of options with you.

This photographer also shares very important information when it comes to releases that every model should know. Yes, every model needs to sign a release before any photo shoot. There are two different types of releases- limited and full. A limited release allows the photographer to use the photos only for social media and business promotion. A full release will allow the photographer to use the photos for the previously mentioned uses and the photographer will be able to use photos for any media. By following the above tips and creating a great impression with a photographer, this will mean referrals for the model and even repeat work.