By Calynn M. Lawrence

2015 has been an awesome year for the fashion industry! So many memorable trends have emerged and are slowly fading. Thankfully, the current It girls in the modelling industry are still popular, as we all have grown to love the and their work! If you are unaware of who they are then simply continue reading so that you may come to enlightenment about the most marvelled after models of 2015.

Kendall Jenner

20 year old Kendall Jenner, daughter of Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner, stands at a stunning 5 foot 10 and wears her delicately thin frame with style. It is no secret that she has had a much easier start than most high fashion models, as she was born into the Kardashian Klan Empire. It is in her blood to be wealthy and successful. However, that does not negate the fact that she is quite serious about her modeling career and is busting tail to make sure that she not only is currently relevant but she stays relevant! Even taking the stance of leaving the Kardashian reality series behind so as to be taken much more seriously in her modeling profession, she is doing what she has to in order to sky rocket her career. Also, it really helps to have such a dedicated momager such as Kris Jenner!

kendall jenner
kendall jenner1

Cara Delevigne

Known for her beautiful border line androgeny and bold bodacious brows, Cara Delevigne has come to be one of the faces we all look forward to seeing on the runway or in print! Starting her modeling career in 2009, after exiting high school, she has built herself up to super heroine status, landing multiple movie deals, runway gigs and fashion magazine covers within the past year alone! She already possesses 2 Model of The Year Awards under her belt from the British Fashion Awards. These were given to her in 2012 and 2014, according to Wikipedia. It is no question whether or not she’s the stuff. This tall tomboy babe, stands at a sexy 5 foot 8 and is one smoking pistol, stealing the hearts of all her viewers.

cara del

Gigi Hadid

This year’s number one new girl is none other than Gigi Hadid. Although she is no rookie at all, her perspective fame and spot light only began this year. She began modeling at the tender age of two years old for Baby Guess and continued well from there. Being able to maintain a balanced lifestyle of school and extracurriculur with her modeling pursuits is part of what makes miss Gigi Hadid your all American girl! This blonde blue eyed bombshell is on her way to becoming the next Candice Swanepoel!


There you have it! Those are your top 3 It girls in the modeling industry for 2015! Let’s see how long each one is able to maintain their angelic status.