By Calynn M. Lawrence

The terms “trend” and “fad” are often you synonymously. However, they ought not. Fads are popular items or ideas that quickly fade and are then forgotten. Whereas, the cobncept of a trend can last for years. This is very common in the fashion and beauty industry! In fact, this article is going to show you 5 trends from 2015 that are already rolling over into 2016!

Maximizing Your Lips

It is very likely that you have heard about the whole Kylie Jenner lip craze. After her suddenly sultry pout spiraled a potentially harmful “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge” in attempt for avaerage women to achieve that same look, makeup artists revealed to the public a safer way to go about maximizing your lips. The process essentially entails, over lining the lips with a lip liner and using this to add definition , filling them in with a lipstick, applying a shiny gloss to attract light and sometimes applying a shimmery powder to the centers to create the illusion of a highlight! This in turn creates a fuller, flirtacious lip.trends maximising your lips

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans have been trending for almost a decade and they refuse to lay down their crown for anybody! The extremely tapered pant stemmed from the punk rock genre and is now aloat in all fashion styles across the board. It’s not surprising that the skinny jean is so popular as it provides a fitted cut that shows off the shape of those legs, a slimming effect to keep your tummy tight and they give you that admirable shape just as leggings without all of the sheer, panty line drama!trends skinny jeans

Thick Eyebrows

It used to be that thick eyebrows were looked at as unkempt and definitely not desireable. However, after super sexy tomboy supermodel Cara Delevigne began rocking her larger than life eyebrows with an unshakeable confidence, more and more women began to embrace thick eyebrows! Some even go so far as to make their eyebrows appear even thicker through the use of makeup.trends thick eyebrows

Two Piece Skirt Sets

Two piece skirt sets have been trending all year from the Kardashians to Beyonce to Nicki Minaj. The ideal look is a cropped shirt that comes just below the bustline and a high waisted, knee length (or longer) skirt that hits right above the belly button. This look is designed to show just a tad bit of skin without the undue raunchiness of a tube top and a miniskirt. Many women view this as a much classier way to display their feminine physiques without appearing tasteless.trends two piece set

Natural Hair

It’s a dawn of a new day for women of color and their hair care! The on going natural hair revolution has spanned into many ethnic groups including Black women, Latina women and Multiracial women alike! Before, it was all about the bone straight hair or the loose wavy look. Not anymore! Women all over the world have began embracing their God given hair texture in all of its frizz, curls and shrinkage! This has even inspired women with naturally straight textures to attempt styles such as braid outs, twist outs and bantu knots in order to give their hair more body and style!trends hair

All of these trends have already started their transition over to the new year. Have you engaged in them?