Choosing a new perfume can be exciting but also hard. There are so many choices, and finding the right smell that matches who you are needs some help and plan. Here some useful advice on how to test and pick new perfume, making sure you find a smell that really fits you. First, don’t try too many fragrances at once. If you sniff more than three or four scents in one trip, your nose can get confused. It’s better to take breaks between smelling different perfumes. Second, always spray the fragrance on your skin instead of paper strips.

Start with Fragrance Samples

When you go to a perfume shop, first try perfumes on small paper strips. This gives you a quick idea of the smell without it mixing with your skin’s natural oils and stuff. Spray perfume on a paper strip and wait a few seconds for it to dry. Smell from far away, then smell close up to know the first scent you get after spraying – these are top notes.

Give It Time

A perfume’s smell changes as time goes by, showing its middle and base notes after some moments. At first, you can smell the top notes for roughly 15-20 minutes. After this period, the heart notes come out and stay noticeable for a few hours. The base notes, which make the core of the fragrance, come out last and can remain on your skin for a long time. So, after you try the scents on paper strips called blotters, pick some favorite ones to put directly on your skin.

Test on Your Skin

Perfume works differently on each person’s skin because of their unique body chemistry, which has things like skin type, diet, and even changes in hormones. Put a little bit of the perfume you pick on your wrist or inside elbow to test it. You let it develop for some hours, and from time to time you smell it to see how the scent changes all day long.

Avoid Overwhelming Your Senses

Trying too many fragrances quickly can make your nose confused and hard to tell scents apart. Better if you test only three or four perfumes at once. When you need to refresh your sense of smell between smelling different perfumes, try sniffing something neutral like coffee beans. Many shops offer this so that it helps with detecting new scents better.

Consider the Occasion and Season

Think about when and where you want to wear the perfume. Light, fresh smells like Davidoff Cool Water are usually good for daytime and warm seasons, while strong, rich scents are better for evening time and cool months. Choosing the right fragrance for different occasions and seasons ensures it fits well with where you are and adds to your overall impression.

Trust Your Instincts

While advice from friends, family, or store staff can help a lot, picking out a fragrance is something very personal. Follow what you feel inside and pick a perfume that gives you confidence and joy. Try to remember, a fragrance is like a part of who you are, so it needs to feel right for you personally.

Take Your Time

Choosing the right fragrance takes time and should not be hurried. If you discover a scent that pleases you, request a sample to take with you back home. Try wearing the perfume for several days to see how it integrates into your everyday routine. A scent that you like in the store might seem different when used during all kinds of activities and in various surroundings.

Understand the Concentration

Perfumes have various concentrations, and these influence how strong they are and how long they last. Eau de Parfum (EDP) has a higher concentration, making it stronger and lasting longer compared to Eau de Toilette (EDT). Choose which type is best for what you like. If you want the smell to be light, maybe EDT is a better choice. But if you prefer a strong and long-lasting scent, then EDP might be best for you.


Selecting a new perfume is like an art, mixing what you personally enjoy with some scientific discovery. By learning about different fragrance types, trying them on your skin, and being patient to let the scent unfold over time, you’ll be able to find a fragrance that fits well with your own body chemistry and way of living. Take your time, trust what you feel is right, and have fun while finding a new favorite smell for yourself.