For a long time, the only thing a person had to think about was what they wanted their signature scent to be. Perfumes were expensive, and choosing one option that absolutely embodied who you were as a person was a great way to help you smell great no matter what, all while adding to your sense of style. The fact is, however, that having a signature scent can be limiting. It’s also very hard to find. Add on to the fact that the wearer is likely to get tired of their signature scent, and one can start to see the flaws in this idea.

You don’t need a signature scent. If you love perfume, then you need the ability to match your fragrance to the outfit instead. Matching different scents with different looks has slowly been gaining more traction, and it’s for these key reasons:

It Allows You To Take Your Look from Day to Night

One of the first instances of people expanding their signature scent was with the concept of day and night scents. Night and day versions of some of the most famous perfume brands exist. They are designed to work flawlessly together so that those who are getting ready for a night out after a day at work can do so with just a few spritz of perfume or cologne.

It Allows You to Match Seasons

Matching seasons was perhaps the next step in the rise of matching scents with different looks. Winters used more musky and mature scents, while spring and summer opted for something brighter and fresher. Matching seasons is a great way to embrace the season and minimize the risk of getting tired of your signature scent. As a business, you can make it easier for customers to match scents to seasons by organizing them as such. This way, you can push all your products purchased from throughout the year.

Matching Scents to Environments

You may very likely prefer to wear a different scent for a night on the town versus going to the beach. Matching the scent you wear to the environment is yet another step in the direction we are now in, where many match their scent to their outfit of the day. By matching the environment, you can help encompass your experience.

Complimenting Each Outfit

Scent plays such a huge role in memory. This means that perfume can be used to enhance the look you are going for on any given day. This is particularly useful for those who swap between decades for influence or even change their style more dramatically. You can add to your outfit by having various scents at your disposal. A date night look can be matched with a hazy, smoky scent, while a fun, bubbly look full of pastels can be matched wonderfully with something fruity.

There are so many great ways that people today can use their fragrance to enhance their look, and so long as you have a carefully curated collection of scents to choose from, it’s hard to go wrong.