Although only one in four people use their watches for telling time, these devices play a major role as a fashion accessory. Watches are now status symbols that portray a certain aspect of lifestyle. However, these devices are delicate and can be damaged. Here are some tips to keep your watch safe.

Always use a soft cloth to clean your watch

For your watch to be in good running condition, clean it regularly. A dry and soft polishing cloth is ideal for non-waterproof watches while a damp cloth can clean water-resistant watches. Ensure that you clean the watch properly by wiping the straps to remove excess dust and particles.

Avoid Contact with Chemicals

Exposing any watch to chemicals such as cosmetics, soap and detergent, can damage both the case and strap. Before putting on your watch, ensure that you wipe clean and dry any liquid or chemical material. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can also cause wear and tear on the watch.

Avoid Scratches

Over time, your watch straps might show scratches on their surface. To prevent this, remove your watch while undertaking tasks that might cause scratches. Furthermore, avoid wearing your bracelets and watch on the same wrist and be careful not to drop your watch.

Service your Watch Regularly

Usually, mechanical watches need to be serviced once every two years while quartz watches can last up to 3 years without service. You should also remove worn-out batteries to prevent possible leakage which can cause serious damage to the watch.

Use a Good Watch Stand to Store Your Watch

If you are not wearing your wristwatch, store it properly. Dust and humidity are the two worst enemies of watches. You should either use the original packaging or buy a reliable watch stand for the job. Also, use separation between watches to avoid friction.