Sunshine is still all over the place, the weather is still warm, and the days are still long; it’s time for beautiful fall. So, it is not the time for heavy clothes yet, you can still use your wardrobe with fun summer fashion, combined with attributes to make you warmer. 

However, going with promoted fast fashion is not the best choice as they can go out-fashioned quickly and be thrown away. Therefore, this early fall sustainable fashion style would be a better choice. Most people won’t consider fashion industries a problem regarding today’s issues, such as environmental pollution, global warming, plastic, water scarcity, etc.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest polluters and contributors to those problems is the fashion industry, especially global warming. This article provides a list of some great choices for early-fall sustainable fashion essentials for you to choose from. 

White organic cotton t-shirt with light jacket or coat

A simple, lightweight t-shirt is what shouldn’t be missed from this fall sustainable essentials list. Lightweight t-shirts create a comfy and casual style as they’re easy to wear and almost go with everything, especially combined with light jacket or coat to keep you warm if needed. 

It would look great with a long skirt, white tee, and leather sneakers, or wear it with a pair of jeans and trainers. A lightweight t-shirt is an excellent choice not only for its versatile use but for Its breathable feature due to the grammage and low-density fabric, especially if the fabric is organic and absorbs moisture from the body.

Organic t-shirts are made of organic cotton grown using non-genetically modified seeds, without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, lowering their environmental impact on the planet. You can also find a variety of sustainable jackets and coats made from recycled polyesters, which are great for making the puffier coats or waterproofing, or responsible wools, which can be either recycled or humane.

Ethical denim shorts with matching tights

For hot early-fall days, choosing ethical denim shorts combines with tights would be great to stay fresh and get in style as they are suitable outdoors and indoors and available in various colors. Denim shorts are cotton, so they are breathable, keeping the body comfortable. Due to its unique soft textures, they’re gentle to the skin and won’t irritate it, providing an unparalleled level of comfort. Also, as denim shorts are derived from cotton, they are eco-friendly and can be recycled easily. There is a wide selection of eco-friendly tights, in various styles that can make your look more interesting and stylish. Sustainable tights are made of different materials that have production process which is less damaging than synthetic materials.

Denim shorts are sustainable clothes that are wrinkle-resistant and don’t stain easily. Moreover, old shorts can be redyed to make them brand new. Therefore, high-quality, eco-friendly pair of denim shorts, with matching tights are an excellent choice that can last for many seasons.  

Ballet Flats or boots

Early-fall adventures need lighter comfortable footwear to enjoy long walks in the nature or even backyard pool parties. Ballet Flats are the first choice for many people to get ready for early fall, they are cute and comfy. However, ballet flats or boots also could be sustainable and not only comfortable footwear but have a lighter environmental impact.

While traditional ballet flats or boots are fast fashion and end up in landfills, sustainable shoes are made from recyclable and reusable environmentally friendly materials, e.g. made from responsibly-sourced leather.

In common, such footwear is made mainly from plastic that can be recycled, or they are already made of recycled plastic. So, don’t just have a light footprint on sand but also on the surrounding environment, and add sustainable choices to that list of sustainable essentials.

Wellington Boots for Rainy Fall Days

As the fall season progresses, the weather can become unpredictable with unexpected showers. Wellington boots, also known as rain boots, are a must-have for navigating through wet conditions. Opting for wellingtons made from natural rubber not only ensures durability but also supports sustainability. Natural rubber is a renewable resource, and when responsibly sourced, it minimizes environmental impact.

Additionally, these boots can be stylishly paired with sustainable raincoats or umbrellas, making them a practical yet fashionable choice for those rainy fall days. Look for brands that offer premium quality, to ensure long-lasting and sustainable footwear. Investing in Le Chameau boots can be a great choice, as they are known for their high-quality and stylish designs. Just make sure to properly care for them and they can last for years to come.

Sustainable sunglasses 

Brightening sun, glare, and eye strain are still here. Those are some inconveniences faced and need to protect the eyes from. When it comes to eyes, don’t go cheap, conventional glasses can be more affordable, but unfortunately, they are made of plastic and easy to break. Instead, investing in high-quality glasses is cost-effective in the long run.

Sustainable glasses are made of biodegradable materials that can be recycled or even composted, making them safe for skin and eyes. They are built to last, saving much money on replacing sunglasses.

Organic cotton tote bag

Whether heading to the beach or going for a quick grocery shopping, there are plenty of things to pick up, and a cotton tote bag is what can have all of them in a big reusable bag. While it might be a costly initial expense, cotton tote bags pay off. They are more robust and efficient and won’t tear or break easily, equipped with built-in compartments suitable for things of different shapes and sizes. Also, it’s easy to keep clean; simply throw them in the washing machine, and Voilà, they are brand new. 

Ultimately, they are made of cotton, so they are eco-friendly. Suppose you’re looking to start caring for the environment and take responsibility in fighting global warming as much as possible. In that case, a cotton tote bag will wrap up all the essentials in one big sustainable bag!

A smart pair of trousers 

No shorts in the office! That is the struggle everyone has this time of the year; working from home makes the struggle harder. However, smart trousers are here to help be casual and look formal at the same time. “Smart trousers” is a term that covers different legwear styles that naturally pair with tailoring, which means less denim and more fabric. They are comfortable and are available in versatile styles to meet all types of people. Smart trousers maximize the cost per wear by being sustainable multi-purpose legwear.

While preparing an early-fall checklist, add the listed sustainable essentials to it. Renew the wardrobe with some easy-to-wear, comfortable, and stylish choices that can last for a long time and give the same joy and style each time it is worn. Have fun, enjoy nature, beach or a picnic, and keep it alive and fresh for the following fall. Go Green today so we can have a chance at a better planet tomorrow to enjoy the future with our beloved ones.