We all know that the most exciting, nerving and pivotal part of our events is dressing our long list of world famous models. Yes, I know what you are thinking… How hard can it be to make a gorgeous model look good? But to get that exceptional, seasonal and downright sexy look takes a lot more time and effort than one might think.

As a stylist for over 10 years, I have had the privilege of working with some pretty incredibly designers and dresses that make you drool…. but I always find sourcing items for actual events the trickiest. Its not like a still photo where the elements of fabric & color are more important than the fit and feel. Red carpet dressing is about movement, and the ultimate wow affect. The dress needs to fit as perfectly on as it does on the hanger, and the most important factor is how my clients actually feel when wearing the items. When it comes to red carpets, there is NO retouching, no editing of the best shots, and definitely no lighting team hitting your best angel. I find that when working on events, this is the one time when the models really want to have a serious input on who and what they wear.

That is exactly why I was so excited to work with Revolve Clothing for this event. We honestly had a long list of companies wanting to collaborate with us on this, but when I sat down with some of my closer model friends to decide the wardrobe element, the vote for Revolve was unanimous. A standout favorite company for all, not just because of our strong tie to the impressive Aussie designers on there resume, but because they embody a chic, classy and mouth watering edit of affordable and desirable peices. They also are notorious for being the stand out favorite amongst majority of celebs and bloggers globally. We were honored to connect on this, the only hard part was getting online and narrowing down my options.

I found myself on the website for hours, adding favorite after favorite to my shopping cart. My husband almost fell over backwards thinking I was on a serious shopping rampage.

Take a look at the images below, the girls all individually looked like beach goddesses, and stole the show as usual! Every girl found a piece that fit their style, and body perfectly. Revolve was the talk of the summer in the Hamptons, and this event was the icing on the cake.

The inspiration behind the styles was Hamptons chic. Click the link on each dress to see how you can purchase the dresses too. And trust me, be warned the website is deadly and oh so yummy! Thank you REVOLVE – for our summer of love.

revolve         Cat wears: NBD, Night Cap Bodycon Dress                                             Luci wears: Lover Heather Halter Romper
         Megan wears: TITANIA INGLIS Drop Dress                                        Tahnee wears: SOLACE London Piano Maxi Dress


Sasha wears: Alexis Fabienne Lace dress