It’s that time of year again! The time of beaches, babes, and blissful summer flings. The changing of the seasons marks a time where we do away with our winter coats and wooly gloves in favour of straw hats and strappy swimsuits. The sun is out and so are we, soaking up it’s delicious vitamin D.So we change our wardrobes and refresh ourselves and our styles according to the latest trends to hit the fabled fashion week runways, in an effort to make the most of the warm weather while it’s here. This year it’s all about taking a step back in time to revisit the classic mod styles of the Twiggy era, mixed in with some free spirited boho flare and of course, a little 21st century twist.

Nude’s and whites top the colour wheel, followed closely with bold cobalt blues and pretty pastels. White is a great colour for showing off that fresh summer-time tan. For the more feminine femme fatale, pastels can give any outfit a soft aesthetic that graces one with an elegance hard to resist. And, let’s face it, who doesn’t love a nice pop of colour on a night out on the town?colour shadesThis season, showing off one’s shoulders is all the rage. Our favourite dresses and comfy tee’s are slitting their sleeves for a casual, cool look (both chic and temperature wise!).

singlet dress
singlet dress1

Sorry, leather, but you’ve been temporarily replaced!! The usual companion of my favourite fabric has been sidelined by a an old, fashionable friend: denim. First popular in jeans and shorts, it has slowly crept it’s way up the body, and is now used to create every article of clothing we can own. Top tip? Pair a denim jacket over a little lace dress for an effortless, casual look.


Patterns have taken up a permanent residence on the summer style scene in the past couple of years. Florals where the big thing once upon a time, and still are a prominent design, but abstract squiggles and geometric lines of all shades and sizes are what have really been dazzling on the runways.

print pattern

Summer nights out are a highlight of this time of year, whether its fancy dinners at coastal bistro’s or girls night’s at the local pub. So, go treat yourself to a slip dress and a few a-line skirts! The slip dress is effortlessly elegant, and the skirts are spunky and sexy when paired with a tucked in, flowing crop.

crop top a line skirt
slip dress 1

What better way to shade your eyes on a sunny beach day then with a straw hat? They’re big, boho, and totally beautiful. Go big or go home, and buy the big floppy ones. They off better coverage, which is better for your skin. Besides, why the hell not, right?

straw hat
do not disturb

People say diamonds are a girls best friend, but I’m here to negate that theory once and for all. As far as I’m concerned shoes hold the key to my heart, and right now it’s all about the snowy white sneaker. Remember how I said white was in style? I meant it, from head to toe. A great accessory to every outfit, they can really light up an ensemble, no matter how basic it may be.

white sneakers
white sneakers2