By Michele Smith
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While theses bold beauties give 100% on the runway, at photo shoots and rush from fittings to interviews. with cell phone in tow; a couple of these vivacious women also give back. The following models are a couple of exemplary examples of women who give back to charity on their very limited time off. Anyone can learn from these women and learn to fit more charitable giving in their lives; whether it is the holiday season or not.

Hillary Rhoda

Hillary Rhoda loves children. This is apparent as she supports both New Yorkers For Children and Lollipop Theater. New Yorkers For Children offers resources for foster children to enable them to become successful adults. The organization offers school supplies, tutors and even scholarships. Lollipop Theater creates mini screenings and movie showings for children who cannot leave the hospital. These children cannot even enjoy the simple pleasure of attending a movie. Hillary Rhoda supports both of these charities, as they bring smiles to children’s faces during the holiday season.


Miranda Kerr 

Miranda Kerr also is involved with charities for children as she supports both Kid’s Helpline and Free The Children. Kid’s Helpline is Australia’s only national counseling service that supports children to young adults, ages 5 to 25, when they simply need someone to talk to. The Kid’s Helpline offers both online and telephone support. Free The Children is an International organization dedicated to children achieving their full potential and much, much more. They work domestically to educate youth an empower them to become active and positive global citizens.


Kyleigh Kuhn

Kyleigh Kuhn and her family founded Roots of Peace in 1997, an organization dedicated to removing land mines and training farmers to restore their fields. She believes in bringing food to the table and harvesting peace from the roots up and was particularly moved when they helped an Afghanistan farmer hold up a bunch a grapes larger than his head.


Lily Aldridge

Lily Aldridge is a strong supporter of St. Jude’s Research Hospital and Baby Buggy. As most people know, St. Jude’s Research Hospital is an incredible hospital that 100% funds the treatment of cancer in children. The hospital is also a wealth of support for the families as well – from housing to food to flights. Baby Buggie is an organization where you can donate baby gear, and in turn they donate to families in need. Lily Aldridge truly believes in giving back.


Liu Wen

Liu Wen supports both Simin Volunteer Rescue Team and American Red Cross. The Simin Volunteer Rescue Team is in the city of Ningbo China, and is a group primarily made up of volunteers who carry out aid missions whenever a disaster strikes the local region. Liu Wen has held fashion charity sales and has donated directly to the organization. She has also collaborated with the American Red Cross and Rag & Bone, to give typhoon relief from proceeds from holiday sales. Liu Wen believes everyone deserves to have a home over their heads.

lui wen