We all live with a few insecurities; nobody is perfect, and even models have insecurities. And while some kinds of insecurities can be covered up with a bit of makeup, a cosmetic procedure, or a few extra hours at the gym per week, not all insecurities can be fixed through lifestyle choices, innovative products, or surgical solutions. 

Regarding height, the age-old double standard has questioned the confidence of many men. Unfortunately, unrealistic standards cause many shorter men to experience self-confidence struggles, the same way societal standards impact women. 

Even though you can’t make yourself taller, you can learn to love yourself irrespective of something as irrelevant to your worth as height. 

Nevertheless, there might still be times when these confidence and height-boosting hacks can help you feel more confident and comfortable in your skin. 

Wear Elevator Shoes

Elevator sneakers for men could be compared to push-up bras for women in terms of effectiveness. These shoes are designed to add a few inches to your height without revealing your secret. Unlike heels for women, elevator shoes for men add stature with a discreet insole that can increase height by up to four inches. 

You can also find stylish and discreet elevator shoes that will boost your height and confidence. Height-lifting insoles are comfortable enough for casual shoe designs like loafers, sneakers, and so much more. 

Avoid Loose-Fitting Clothing

It’s best to wear slim-fitting garments as loose-fitting clothes will seem overwhelming on smaller frames, leaving you looking a bit shorter. If a shirt sleeve hangs over your hands or your pants legs stack up on top of your shoes, you will appear too small for your clothes. 

Instead, invest in tailoring your clothing to fit perfectly while also choosing a slim fit that compliments your body type. 

Don’t Wear A Belt

A belt will create a horizontal line that will disrupt your outfit in a way that cuts your appearance in half, making you seem shorter. You can instead elongate your appearance by avoiding this everyday accessory. 

However, if you need to wear a belt, choose a lighter color fabric and a thin design with an elegant buckle. If you select a broad belt design in a darker color, it will instantly cut your outfit and height in half. 

Avoid Large Accessories

It’s best only to wear accessories proportionate to your size and height. With this, wearing a smaller watch is a small detail that can enhance your size and height. 

Instead of wearing bulky accessories, choose smaller, more classy options. 

Ditch The Low-Rise Pants

Low-rise pants will make your legs seem shorter than they are, while medium and high-waisted pants will have the opposite effect of elongating your legs. 

However, if you have a shorter torso length, it’s essential to avoid high-waisted pants and opt only for medium-waisted pants. Otherwise, your torso will seem shorter than it is, and this can create the illusion that your body is not proportionate. 

Avoid Horizontal Lines

Horizontal lines in clothing patterns or fabrics will make you look shorter. But if you want to wear a garment with horizontal lines, you should choose thin vertical lines over thicker ones.

Choose Smaller Patterns

While it’s wise to avoid broad horizontal lines in clothing patterns, it’s also best to choose thin vertical stripes to elongate your appearance. When it comes to pattern prints, choose smaller-scale designs to increase your size through scale comparison. 

Wear Slightly Shorter Shorts

By wearing shorts that are even one inch shorter than they should be, you’ll create the illusion that you’re a bit too tall for the shorts.

On the other hand, if shorts sit lower on your legs than they should, you’ll seem even shorter than you are. 

The same trick can work well with long pants considering the current trends include pants that hang at ankle length. By tailoring your pants half an inch higher, it will seem like you’re a bit taller than you are by creating the illusion that your legs are longer. 

Invest In A Leaning Floor Mirror

Confidence is not as much about how you look as it is about how you feel. People that radiate confidence feel good about themselves. So finding ways to boost your self-confidence is a journey that will make you realize your height is much less important than you previously thought. 

While practicing mantras encouraging self-confidence is a great idea, you can invest in a leaning floor mirror. The angle of the mirror will amplify your height, leaving you feeling much taller while admiring your outfits and best features. This simple trick will boost your confidence over time. 

Practice Self-Love Affirmations

As mentioned, positive mantras can make a world of difference to your confidence and how you feel about your appearance. 

Some positive self-love affirmations to repeat every day in the mirror are “I am at peace with myself and my appearance,” “I deserve to love myself and be loved by others,” “I embrace my appearance and value myself as a person,” and “I am unique and deserve to be happy.” 

There are tons of other self-love affirmations and mantras. You can also customize these phrases and create your own. 

While practicing mantras, it’s worthwhile to consider a self-care routine that will let you fall in love with yourself.

Understand That Even Taller Men Struggle With Confidence

Instead of feeling as though your height is a physical flaw, it’s essential to understand that even taller men struggle with self-confidence. Unfortunately, we all have insecurities. While you might feel your insecurity is a flaw, someone else might envy your particular size and stature the same way those with curly hair wish for straight hair and those with straight hair envy luscious curly hair. 

Dressing well is one of the best ways to improve your appearance and self-confidence. Choosing garments that fit perfectly and complement your body shape will make you feel and look great every day. But beyond dressing well, you can also boost your confidence through positive confidence-building mantras, a self-care routine, and other clever tricks like using a leaning mirror when putting together outfits.