By Simi A Mira

When you watch a fashion show we see some of the most beautiful women in the world showing off their spectacular bodies with the confidence that is the envy of many. You might think that you could never be as sure of yourself and your body as they are but many of these models are not all they appear to be. Behind their façade of confidence, many models suffer from severe insecurity. What is it that happens to lead them here, despite their amazing appearance and fame?

You Need To Look Better

Imagine for a moment that throughout your life, people are telling you to be thinner, look more tanned, and generally look better. Everyday people are telling you that you can do better, you aren’t good enough. How would that make you feel? People can take the occasional criticism but constant, every day of every year; that is a lot to handle. Many models don’t handle the stress well and suffer from the constant voice in their head telling them that they don’t look good enough. Maybe now we are getting closer to understanding how these seemingly perfect looking models aren’t quite as perfect as we imagine.

The international Fame

The intense fame may from the outside seem amazing but when you are the one in the spotlight things look a little bit different. Every day a model meets people that recognize them and are in awe of their success. That surprisingly makes it very difficult to make friends. Of the people they meet, how many can you expect to be genuine? So many people will just try to take advantage of their success and get whatever they can out of them. That makes it difficult to trust people. Success changes people and it changes the people around you as well. Which people genuinely want to be your friend and which want to find some way to exploit you?

Finding somewhere to Belong

The main thing every person craves is to find somewhere they fit in. Being able to relate to other people is key to any friendship. There are not a lot of people in the world with similar experiences to models which can give them difficulty finding that acceptance. When we feel like we don’t belong it can make us feel uncomfortable and eventually leads to us questioning ourselves. Understanding is hard to come by when others think that you have it all. Models are perceived as successful, beautiful and have nothing to trouble them. It is understandable that these opinions from others make them feel unsure of themselves.

Despite seemingly having it all, beauty, fame, success, models still suffer from insecurity. Remember that models are just people like you and me, not superheroes. They have the same worries, fears and insecurity that we all get from time to time. If others remember this simple fact then maybe a model can escape these feelings. Success should not lead to insecurity but with all these factors bombarding models it is easy to see how it does.