Graphic tees are the hot favorite on the men’s fashion circuits as they add a fun factor to everyday dressing. Pick an oversized one to take the trend a notch higher because the combination is fun and comfy. But sporting oversized graphic t-shirts requires good thinking because you do not want to look frivolous on casual occasions. You expect people to notice you and like your dressing sense, even in the easygoing style. Let us share some stylist-recommended tips worth trying with oversized graphic t-shirts.

Go plain and simple

The best way to wear an oversized graphic tee is to go plain and simple. Just wear what you have and be confident to ace the look. The garment is inherently stylish, so you need not do much to look like a star. Pick a color that works well for you and ramp up the look with trendy accessories like classy shoes, a beanie, and a watch. Be effortless, and you get brownie points for easy dressing.

Pair with the apt lower

The appeal of the top wear depends greatly on the lower you combine it with. You can team up your oversized graphic t-shirt with bright track pants to create a perfect lazy-weekend attire that exudes style. Tuck the tee in with shorts for a casual outing with friends. Wear it with your favorite pair of jeans for a classy look to impress your girl on the next date night. Choose according to the occasion when wearing this versatile garment.

Roll up the sleeves

Rolling up the sleeves is another way to make a fashion statement and flaunt your fit body effortlessly. You can actually customize your appearance with oversized graphic tees by rolling their sleeves up to a length you desire. Try going all the way up to show off your taut muscles, or roll up closer to the forearm for a more comfortable feel. You can look casual yet stylish with this tip.

Layer with a blazer

An oversized tee makes a great pair with a blazer because the ensemble has a classy yet laid-back appeal. Play with the color palette to get only enough attention to the graphic without getting too loud. For example, white looks good with a black or gray layer for a semi-formal occasion. But you can go super casual by pairing a bright tee with any shade on the top layer. Just remember not to button up the blazer, as the graphic should be visible. 

Wear over a tee or shirt

When it comes to layering, you can do it the other way around too. Keep the oversized graphic tee on the top and wear another t-shirt or shirt as the inner layer. The unique layering style works well to keep you warm on cooler days. At the same time, you have enough scope to get attention to the text on your tee. Pair the ensemble with trendy sneakers to rock the casual look. 

An oversized graphic tee makes an excellent addition to your casual wardrobe. Learn to dress it up for the perfect comfy look that gets you all the attention you deserve. You can try these simple tips the next time you wear your comfy graphic tee.