By Georgia Hammerson

It may or may not be a known fact that models barely break even at the bank during fashion week. So how much do models really get paid during fashion week, you’re probably wondering? Spoiler alert: it’s not as much as you think.

It’s no secret that top models of the industry have the better end of the (designer made) stick, and unless models pass that around like a baton the cash money isn’t exactly pouring in like crazy. So what do emerging models waiting for that big break, and well-established girls alike, take home during the busiest time of their working year?

As previously stated, (and it doesn’t take a chartered accountant to do the math) the superstars of modelling earn a lot more than their less famous counterparts. It was reported on InStyle UK that a twenty-three year old Karlie Kloss was earning roughly $300 for a single step on the catwalk – that’s close to $10,500 just shy of making it to the first end of the runway. For the less elite there are factors you must take into consideration when banking – or rather, when your agency banks that check of yours.

If it’s even possible to arrive at a rough estimate you’ve got to break down the fine print and consider all the job variables, agency fees – sending your portfolio or comp cards back and forth, not to mention travel expenses and accommodation (of which the model is often expected to fork out). The general earnings range anywhere from $0-$1K, with a middle ground rate of $350-$500 a pop for a golden strut down the runway – but again, price and payment structure is totally dependant on your job, agency and client.

The models check can also vary if the designer of the show hosts an exclusive with a particular agency. With this type of industry-bartering the designer will get the models of their choice from the sole selected agency at a discounted rate. Some provide trade in exchange for the models services as a little extra bonus (aka free designer clothes – not too shabby).

Another way to make a quick, well, few hundred dollars – is in the lead up to fashion week where models can book jobs working directly for the designers testing looks for the upcoming shows. Some girls can make a cool $1k for a job like this (although that varies vastly job to job and expenses must be paid).

For many emerging babes in the circus that can be fashion, Fashion Week is more about exposure than anything else – walking that one show can mean game time earning crucial industry cred and is a sure fire way to get a face and name out there. More often than not the model is contempt adding the jobs to their books to use as experience for the impending carousel of shows in the next city.

How to find modeling jobs in Coventry?

If you live in Coventry and want to start a modeling career, or if you are already a model and are  looking for a modeling job in the city, you can do so in several ways:

  • Define what type of model you want to be: this is for beginners. To start a modeling career, choose whether you want to be a runway model, paper model, plus-size model…
  • Prepare yourself accordingly: to find a Jobs Coventry in modeling, you need to practice posing and walking, for beginners. You can begin by wearing snowshoes for women and later move on to heels while practicing walking and posing.  Take inspiration from the videos of famous models. Also, you need to take care of your physical fitness by doing sports regularly. In addition, make sure you eat a balanced diet on a daily basis.
  • Create your photo book: have your friends and family take pictures of you with simple makeup so that people can see your natural resemblance. The ideal would be to offer you the services of a professional photographer, because he will be able to guide you to make attractive photos. Having a well-done portfolio is very important, because it is what can get you an interview in a modeling agency.
  • Apply to multiple agencies in Coventry: After designing your photo book, drop one off at multiple modeling agencies in Coventry.
  • Take modeling training: there are many training courses to help people who want to increase their modeling performance.
  • Promote yourself on the internet: social networks are the best way to promote yourself, take advantage of it.